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ford crown victoria

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    Report: Thinking of buying a used police car? Here's how to do it

    Back in college, I was the house and risk manager for my fraternity. As you can imagine, this was a stressful job, as I was forced to monitor not only the many idiotic whims of my brothers, but the potential impact those ideas had on our house. My least-fond memory of those hazy years involved a ...

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    Video: Police officer barely missed by speeding motorist

    A growing number of jurisdictions are starting to adopt "move over" laws to help protect emergency workers, and this video posted by the Massachusetts State Police on its Facebook page shows the importance of said laws. Captured by a traffic camera in the Thomas P O'Neill Jr. Tunnel in Boston, ...

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    Video: Police cruisers caught drag racing to Tim Hortons in Calgary

    The Calgary Police have an interesting case on their hands after this dash-cam video surfaced of two police cruisers allegedly street racing at a traffic light in a blatant attempt to beat one another to the nearby Tim Hortons - how cliché. Although it seems neither Ford Crown Victoria ...

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    Report: Hybrid taxi drivers find fuel efficiency paying off after Hurricane Sandy

    One of the major side effects of the power outrages in New York and New Jersey following hurricane Sandy is gas stations' difficulty getting fuel to customers. Shortages have led to seemingly endless gas lines, and in all of this, hybrids have shown their inherent value. Business Insider says ...

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    Featured: The inside scoop on government fleets

    Edmunds has taken a closer look at which vehicles are most heavily favored by government agencies by evaluating percentage of model sales in 2011. Not surprisingly the Chevrolet Caprice topped off the list with a whopping 79.2 per cent of sales going to government agencies, while the ...

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    Report: Georgia police car accidentally sold on Craigslist

    We're not strangers to the allure of Craigslist. The classified ad site is our go-to distraction when it comes time to contemplate our next project vehicle, and we've been tempted by the occasional decommissioned Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor more often than we care to admit. As one ...

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    Ford Crown Victoria soon no longer the police car to watch out for

    If you're a car enthusiast like us, chances are you have spent way to much time behind the wheel on the look-out for cops. And for years the headlights you needed to spot were the wide-face grin of the Ford Crown Victoria, well ever since the demise of the full size Chevrolet Caprice. When ...

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    Report: Texas police looking to stockpile Crown Vics ahead of model's phase-out

    The age of the Ford Crown Victoria cop car is almost at an end, but law enforcement in Austin, Texas wants one more crack at the old standby. Actually, the police are asking city council for $4.5 million US to buy 176 Police Interceptor squad cars at an average price of $25,568. Why the mad rush ...

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    Video: Moab's Hells Canyon conquered... in a Ford Crown Victoria?!

    Hells Canyon is said to be one of the more challenging off-roading destinations in Moab, Utah. The road-free zone is usually traversed by the likes of a Jeep Wrangler, Hummer H2 or perhaps a Toyota FJ Cruiser, but apparently a trail-capable SUV isn't needed for this lunar rock landscape. Heck, ...

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    Fitting Retirement: Grand Marquis last Mercury off the line

    The signs have come down and retail production ended back in October of 2010. Now, the very last Mercury model has rolled off the assembly line. This last Mercury somewhat fittingly takes the form of a Grand Marquis reporting for fleet duty. It was built at the St. Thomas plant in Ontario, which ...