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ford ranger

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    Video: This is not how you use tow straps, everyone

    There are a million ways to mess it all up when you go off-road, and when you muck it up by yourself, there's always the chance the guy coming to assist you will result in two busted trucks and the question, "Well, who's going to go for help?" As the Ford Ranger driver in the video above proves, ...

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    Video: Here's the new face of the Ford Ranger

    Ford Asia Pacific has put a teaser video on YouTube showing off details on the 2015 Ranger pickup, and at the end we get a quick glimpse of the whole truck. This is the T6 Ranger that we still don't get in North America, but that shares its underpinnings with the Everest SUV recently introduced ...

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    Video: Quick-witted driver avoids airborne barrel-rolling pickup

    Dashcam videos can be divvied up into two categories - "I can't believe that just happened," and "You're lucky to be alive." The former is usually quite funny and entertaining, while the latter is usually kind of scary; involving a close call between our camera car and something quite ...

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    Official: Ford Ranger unanimous pick for International Pick-Up 2013 award

    Believe it or not, the full-size pickup trucks that dominate the North American market don't find much favour in other corners of the globe. Elsewhere, powerful mid-sized trucks rule the work site, and the judges behind the 2013 International Pick-Up Award are cognizant of that. They awarded the ...

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    Video: A sentimental goodbye to the last Ford Ranger

    It's been more than five months since the Twin Cities Assembly Plant in Minnesota went dark. The facility produced Ford vehicles for nearly 100 years before finally being closed as part of ongoing restructuring. The closure coincided with the production of the very last North American Ford ...

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    Final Ford Ranger to be built mid-month, already sold to Orkin

    The Ranger pickup has been an integral part of the Ford truck lineup for decades. But later this month, that will cease to be – at least here in North America. That's when the very last Ranger will roll off the assembly line in St. Paul, Minnesota. And what do you know, it's already found a ...

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    Ford announces two recalls, more than 30,000 vehicles affected

    2010 Ford Ranger
    The Detroit News is reporting that Ford and The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration have announced the recall of over 30,000 vehicles. A total of 23,688 Ranger pickups are being brought back to dealers to inspect fuel lines for potential chafing. The problem ...

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    Video: Next-gen Ford Ranger shows locomotive force

    Global Ford Ranger pulls a locomotive – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We're still smarting over the fact that North American buyers won't get a chance to sample the goodness that is the new global Ford Ranger, and now the guys and gals at the Blue Oval have set about salting ...

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    All-new Ford Ranger debuts for the rest of the globe

    Ford has finally unveiled the not-for-U.S. 2011 Ranger. The company has just pulled the sheets back on its compact pickup at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, and there's no mistaking the newest Blue Oval for anything but a Ford. With its corporate three-bar nose and heavily ...

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    Review: 2010 Toyota Tacoma 4x2 PreRunner is a troubled fish in a shrinking pond

    There was a time when pickup trucks came in three sensible sizes; small, medium and large. That's changed in recent years, as most pint-sized trucks have grown substantially to maintain distance compared to the similarly inflating half-ton pickup truck segment. The Toyota Tacoma is no different, ...