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ford of europe

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    Official: First 500 European 2015 Ford Mustangs get reserved in 30 seconds [w/video]

    We're pretty sure that any initial concerns Ford had about selling the redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang in Europe have been lessened considerably, after the first 500 Euro-spec 2015 Mustangs were been reserved in just 30 seconds. Moreover, 9,300 people attempted to snag one of the coveted orders for ...

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    Video: Who needs Ken Block? Ford of Europe presents Snowkhana One

    We haven't seen a Ken Block Gymkhana since the infamous Ford Fiesta assaulted the streets of San Francisco over the summer, but Ford of Europe wanted to make sure we weren't going through withdrawals. For our viewing pleasure, Ford's team from across the pond created the stop-motion Snowkhana One ...

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    Report: Ford of Europe denied small coupe, Mustang viability questioned

    Too often, we find ourselves pining for Europe-only versions of cars that will never be sold in North America, but if a report from Inside Line is to be believed, this is a case in which The Continent's enthusiasts will have to watch from afar gets. Ford of Europe is seeking a new coupe that ...

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    Official: Ford exiting WRC after 2012 season as Euro economy struggles

    It appears that the World Rally Championship has lost another key player. After word that Mini is leaving WRC comes news that Ford is pulling out as well. While Mini's departure was rooted in its tenuous relationship with Prodrive, Ford's exit from the sport is tied to the poor economic climate ...

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    Official: Ford expands European design centre

    It's a big week for buildings: after the announcement of Lamborghini's prototype centre, not only is Ford not pulling out of Europe, it has spent €11.6 million (CAD $14M) to expand its design center in Germany. The 3,000 square-meter architectural addition to the location charged with global ...