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    Video: Hilarious ad sells viewers on used 21-year-old Volvo wagon

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    Featured: Strange vanity licence plates you won't believe actually exist

    They're called vanity licence plates for a reason, as many motorists feel the need to express themselves to the world through whatever witty custom phrases, silly nicknames and who knows what else that can be made to fit within the allotted characters on a personalized licence plate. Although we ...

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    Video: Watch these videos of an NHRA racer's bodywork blowing off into a crowd

    Just a few months ago, fan safety at racetracks was a hot topic following the last-lap NASCAR Nationwide Series crash at Daytona that sent large pieces of racecars into the grandstands injuring 33 fans. Now, a freak incident at a National Hot Rod Association event resulted in a drag racer's ...

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    Official: Jesse James marries drag racer / billionaire heiress Alexis DeJoria (w/video)

    Although we shy away from the tabloid linkbait posts, this story was just too much to pass up. Regardless of what Jesse James did to ruin his marriage with actress Sandra Bullock, he's a brilliant fabricator and an amazing guy to hang out with. His old Discovery Channel show, Monster Garage was a ...

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    Video: Drag racer explodes in ball of flames when NHRA driver Tony Pedregon makes a run for it

    Canadians tend to prefer circuit racing over drag racing - but we still have thousands of drag racing fans, and plenty of drag strips to test our northern metal. A bit like NASCAR, it's most entertaining to watch drag racing when things go wrong - though we'd prefer they didn't for the sake of ...

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    Video: Watch Jack Beckman's NHRA funny car explode, still win race

    Jack Beckman is looking to wrap up his first-ever NHRA Funny Car title, and it appears an exploding car is not going to slow him down. Half-way through this qualifying run on Thursday, a spectacular explosion destroyed his car's Dodge bodywork, engulfing Beckman in a ball of flames while ...

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    Video: Watch an NHRA funny car explode in a four-wide drag race!

    Matt Hagan, the reigning NHRA Full Throttle Funny Car champ, kicked off this weekend's Four-Wide Nationals qualifying session at zMAX Dragway in North Carolina with a bang. Hagan's funny car dropped an intake valve into one of its cylinders about halfway down the track and exploded, launching ...

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    Featured: Traxxas now makes an R/C funny car. Enjoy [w/video]

    Traxxas has done a smart job of establishing itself as a toymaker for grownups. With radio-controlled iterations of Ken Block's Ford Fiesta gymkhana car and Vaughn Gittin Jr's Ford Mustang drift machine, the company has something for everyone. Or at least it does now. Traxxas is now producing ...

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    Video: This crash is why drag racers should stay on dragstrips

    We've seen some dumb ideas before, but this one may take the cake. The post-jump video shows what happens when a dragster that should stick to the strip goes on a track that requires a mild left turn. Actually, this "track" looks more like the cart path at the local golf course, except most ...

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    Video: Freak NHRA drag racing crash KO's In-N-Out Burger Toyota Solara

    Few things on the planet are more violent than an 8,000 horsepower, nitro-burning funny car and when dealing with a machine that strung out, crazy things can happen in an instant. NHRA driver Melanie Troxel found out just how quickly it can all go wrong after completing her 4.087 second, 498 km/h ...