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    Video: Tour the legendary Nissan DNA heritage car garage in Japan

    Over the years, Nissan has churned out some pretty impressive street, race and prototype sports cars that would be welcome additions in any gearhead's garage. From the latest ZEOD RC all-electric race car and previous Deltawing project to producing the supercar-eating Juke-R and cult following of ...

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    Video: Russian baby girl goes stunt driving and speeding in dad's Nissan GT-R

    Last week, we brought you a grandmother's reaction to the Nissan GT-R's brutal acceleration and it was hilarious. If you didn't catch it, check it out here; it's worth your time. This week, we bring you a reaction from the other end of the spectrum. This video captured in Russia, shows just how ...

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    Video: Grandma's reaction to launching in a 700+HP GT-R is priceless

    A Nissan GT-R launching from a dead stop is an experience all by itself; even for seasoned car vets. If you've never been in one at WOT from the get-go, you owe it to yourself to ask, beg or better yet, buy one and give it a shot. We've also seen our fair share of clips of peoples' reactions ...

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    Video: AMS GT-R Alpha Omega speeds into the 7-second quarter mile record books

    When any new platform hits the streets, it's important for tuners associated with that brand to hop on them early and hit the tuning world hard. For Auto Moto Sport (AMS) out of Chicago, they adopted a new platform when the R35 GT-R came out and jumped on the Nissan train leaving their Mitsubishi ...

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    Video: Nissan GT-R, Lexus SUV and hot blonde meet in Russian car crash

    We've all witnessed some pretty strange sights caught on Russian dashcam, but this latest video easily sums up the type of avoidable foolishness that happens way too often on roads in Russia. Watch as the dangerous driver of a red Nissan GT-R decides to cross the double yellow in a failed attempt ...

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    Featured: Skymeet 2013 pays homage to Nissan Skyline GT-R in R32, R33, R34 and R35 flavours

    Since 2006, Skymeet has been the most anticipated event for owners and fans of the legendary Nissan Skyline every summer. As the most winning GT car in history, the Skyline GT-R dominated Japan touring car racing, winning every event for 29 consecutive races spanning four years, making the car ...

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    Video: Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12 sets 382 km/h top speed record while beating Porsche GT2 and Corvette ZR1

    Every car enthusiast knows the Nissan GT-R is an amazing supercar capable of incredible (and scary fast) things. Knowing this, the crew at DragTimes recently released this video of the infamous Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12 in all its 1,700 horsepower glory, as its driver Jury set a new top speed ...

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    Video: Nissan GT-R goes skiing uphill in Sweden

    Ever wondered if a Nissan GT-R could conquer an icy ski slope? Well prepare to be amazed, as this stunning video captures a camo-clad GT-R tearing up the beautiful snow covered scenery at a ski resort in Kåbdalis, Sweden. The slippery ski slopes prove to be no match for the powerful GT-R, ...

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    Video: Shakedown of OGT Freescale Nissan GT-R at Fuji Speedway

    Have you ever noticed how NBA basketball courts appear much larger, food appears much tastier, and cars appear much slower when watching TV? Visit an NBA game and you'll be shocked how small the court is, eat the burger pictured on the screen and you'll wish you hadn't, watch a Formula 1 race and ...

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    Video: Can Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ beat a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport?

    When it comes to fighting fire with fire, it doesn't get much hotter than watching these two heavyweight supercars go at it. Thankfully the crew at DragTimes decided to put together a "What If..." video to hypothetically find out if a 1,500 horsepower Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ has what it takes ...