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    Report: Michael Schumacher's brain injury may be blamed on his GoPro

    It seemed like a freak accident when Michael Schumacher suffered a traumatic head injury while skiing in France last winter. After all, while he may have embarked off the marked trails, he knew that ski hill well, and was wearing a helmet when he fell over and smacked his head on a rock. So why ...

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    Auctions: Vettel's gold helmet brings in $125k for charity

    If you caught the German Grand Prix this year, then you got to see the reigning multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel win his home race for the first time – and Germans got to see one of their own win the race for the first time since Schumacher took the checkered flags at both the ...

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    Official: Ruby celebrates 90 years of BMW Motorrad with special helmet collection

    BMW isn't the only one celebrating its own 90th anniversary building motorbikes. So is Atelier Ruby, that French manufacturer of jewel-like motorcycle helmets. Ruby has just released a capsule collection of helmets marking BMW Motorrad's 90th anniversary, and we want them almost as much as a ...

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    Video: LiveMap develops augmented reality motorcycle helmet

    While mobile navigation for cars has evolved into a staple, in-cabin feature, motorcyclists have been stuck with paper maps and aftermarket solutions for years. A new Russian company is out to change that with a helmet that boasts integrated nav. LiveMap uses a microphone, light sensor, ear phone ...

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    Video: Watch a custom Ruby motorcycle helmet get illustrated, party ensue

    Ruby makes some of the most beautiful (and pricey) vintage-inspired helmets on the face of the planet – the lids transcend the typical formless safety wear to something approaching sculpture. Maxwell Paternoster recently turned one of the company's Castel helmets into his own personal ...

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    Poll: Skateboarding fines lead to auto insurance cancellation for Halifax man

    Wheeled-surfers ought to wear a lid - lest they lose their car insurance. A young skateboarder from Halifax recently learned this lesson the hard way, after collecting two tickets from Halifax Regional Police and then receiving an unsavory phone call. Ironically, Pat Harland expected to receive ...

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    Report: Racing helmet legend Bill Simpson turning his attention to pro football safety

    Bill Simpson has turned his helmet expertise toward reducing the number of concussions in football. Simpson has been manufacturing helmets for motorsports for years, turning his experience as a drag racer and a driver in the Indianapolis 500 into safer equipment for use at the track, but it ...

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    Video: F1's Nico Rosberg explains how the racing helmet has evolved

    As motorsports fans, we tend to pore over every detail of the race car's evolution, but it's easy to forget other aspects of a race team that progress at approximately the same rate. That includes safety equipment. Nico Rosberg took some time off from of his Formula One driving duties at Mercedes ...

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    Featured: Quirky Helmet Signal Really Uses Your Head

    Motorcycles are a hot topic we often cover including reckless riders doing 300 km/h and the latest two-wheeled concepts for us to drool over. We've all been warned (or warned others) of the dangers associated with being a motorcyclist, so when we came across this pretty darn cool helmet "Signal" ...

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    Report: Motorcycle helmet law repeal trend leading to higher death rates

    Although Canadian laws and motorcycle riders seem to embrace helmet safety as a reasonable rule of the road, it seems the age-old fight against helmets laws continues to brew in America (where several states do not require mandatory helmets). The more states allow people to ride motorcycles ...