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high speed chase

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    Video: Watch insane high-speed police chase of wild driving trucker, shots fired

    What's crazier than a police chase ending with the cops shooting out the tires on a car? Well, how about a high(ish)-police pursuit of a fully loaded car transporter that ends with some cops hanging out the window and firing their guns directly at the fleeing truck's tires and fuel tank... yes, ...

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    Video: Perp steals cop car from back seat, makes dangerous getaway

    In an episode that wouldn't have been out of place on Reno 911!, a man that was on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both, was picked up by police for stealing a pickup truck, and managed to wriggle out of his handcuffs and steal the police cruiser he was being held ...

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    Video: Watch relentless police chase speeding biker at all costs [w/video]

    This insane video had us all glued to our screens, as a speeding biker clearly underestimated the skill and determination of one Prague police officer and his trusty pursuit vehicle. The high speed chase all starts when the foolish biker blows past the stopped patrol car and attempts to outrun ...

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    Video: Police chase drunk woman driving wrong direction on highway [w/video]

    Police arrested 24-year-old Ashley Stewart after a lengthy high-speed pursuit down the wrong side of a highway in Streetboro, Ohio. It all started when the alleged drunk driver refused to stop for police, as the chase hit speeds of over 130 km/h while heading dangerously into oncoming traffic on ...

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    Video: Teen girl driving stolen police car leads officers on high speed chase

    An out of control teenage girl is facing several serious charges for crashing a stolen police sheriff's SUV after a reckless high speed chase in Colorado. The 18-year-old led police on a dangerous chase after escaping from custody and speeding away in a patrol car. It all started when the ...

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    Video: Motorcycle gang taunts police in high speed chase

    No one likes being pulled over by the police, but when you're speeding on a highway with 50 other motorcycles it's bound to draw some unwanted attention. It all starts when this large group of sport bikes blasts by a Dallas police car and the inevitable high-speed chase ensues. Watch this police ...

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    Video: Watch the Florida Highway Patrol chase down a speeding Miami cop in his own squad car

    If you're a Miami police officer, high-speed blasts down the highway probably aren't anything new to you. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that when you're late to your off-duty moonlighting gig, you'd run your marked, Miami-Dade Police cruiser up to 120 miles per hour (193 km/h) through traffic ...