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    Video: Woman gives birth in speeding car on highway

    A woman gave birth to her fifth child this week, though this birth was extra special due to where and how it took place. You see, it was the first time she delivered in the back seat of a speeding car on the highway. Grendalee Rosales, 29, was in labour as her husband Jose Rosales sped down the ...

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    Report: NYC street racing record-holder Afroduck hides in Canada and taunts police

    If the name Afroduck doesn't ring a bell, maybe his record setting high-speed lap around New York City does. Christopher Adam Tang (aka Afroduck) is a Canadian residing in Manhattan, New York. Tang gained online notoriety as Afroduck when the 31-year-old took to the highways of NYC last year and ...

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    Report: More than you could ever hope to know about those sound walls that line highways

    Chances are good that unless you're a city planner or traffic engineer, the number of hours – minutes, even – most people think about the history and design of the sound walls lining North America's highways and freeways is roughly zero. The concrete or cinderblock structures turn ...

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    Report: Solar Roadways raises US$1M for solar-panel covered roads [w/video]

    The concept of using roads as solar cells seems like a great idea until you start considering all of the damage that streets regularly have to handle. From freezing water to overloaded vehicles, the nation's highways take a lot of punishment. However, that isn't stopping Solar Roadways from ...

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    Video: High speed motorcycle stunt caught on Highway 403 in Toronto

    It certainly didn't take long for Toronto motorists to take advantage of the amazing weather these days, as this excited motorcyclist was spotted popping high speed wheelies along highway 403 this past Sunday. The eye-popping stunt video was shot by a local news station employee who claims he ...

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    Video: Massive Alberta highway pileup sends 300 people to hospital after crash

    A shocking car crash pileup was the result of a huge snow storm which struck a busy stretch of Alberta highway between Edmonton and Calgary near Leduc, injuring over 100 drivers and causing what Alberta Health Services are treating as "a mass casualty event." Reports on social media indicate ...

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    Report: Gardiner Expressway in Toronto is a hazard according to study

    The Gardiner Expressway has been an iconic part of Toronto's skyline since construction of it began in 1956. It begins (or ends) where the Don Valley Parkway ends and spans across our entire city to where it becomes the Queen Elizabeth Way. More than 200,000 vehicles use the Gardiner Expressway ...

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    Video: Momma duck with ducklings battle busy 401 highway in Toronto

    A heart-stopping drama played out on a Toronto-area highway when a mother duck and her flock of baby ducklings tried to scoot across four lanes of traffic. This unbelievable video footage captures the large group of courageous creatures in action, as they try to safely navigate their way between ...

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    Video: Calgary Highway Sign Bends it like Beckham in fierce winds

    At first glance it may look like some Hollywood special effects taking place, but this 'dancing' highway sign in Calgary, AB is for real! Watch how this overhead signs shock motorists in this incredible video by bending to the beat during a severe windstorm. As concerned drivers carefully slow ...

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    Report: KKK moves to adopt highway, controversy ensues

    Rights are often a double-edged sword. While we're happy to live under the protection of a government that encourages our rights to assemble and free speech, it can be somewhat more difficult to accept groups who hold starkly different views from our own. Legislators in Georgia are learning that ...