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    Featured: HIGHLIGHTS: Vancouver Luxury & Supercar Weekend 2014

    The Vancouver Luxury & Supercar Weekend event is something we never miss here at Autoblog Canada. This annual car show gathering is a dream come true for any car enthusiast. The wide collection of luxury and supercars included the latest from Lamborghini, Pagani, McLaren, Bugatti, Ferrari, ...

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    Canada: 2014 Vancouver Luxury & Supercar Weekend

    After seeing the huge turnout at this year's Yorkville Exotics event in Toronto, we couldn't wait to see what would turn up on the West Coast during the 2014 Vancouver Luxury and Supercar weekend. Now entering its fifth consecutive year, the Luxury & Supercar Weekend event runs from Sept. 6 ...

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    Featured: Meet the world's most expensive cars to insure

    Everyone has a dream car, from high horsepower exotics to a rare race cars. But what few of us really think about (in addition to costly maintenance and parts) is that in order to enjoy owning an exclusive exotic, you need to cough up a big chunk of cash for auto insurance. Just how much, you ...

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    Canada: Vancouver Luxury Supercar Weekend showcases $100M in Supercars and Classics

    It seems the years of building up Vancouver's Luxury Supercar Weekend and Concours D'Elegance are starting to pay off, as this year's show brought together quite an impressive assortment of rare and expensive hardware. Aside from the Pagani Huayra and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse that ...

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    Monterey: Pagani Huayra and Bugatti Veyron Legends slated for Vancouver Luxury Supercar Weekend

    With so much news rolling in from Monterey this past weekend, we are very happy to report this breaking Canadian development. News has just surfaced that Vancouver's Luxury Supercar Weekend will mark the first Canadian appearance of two exceptional supercars, the incredible carbon fibre-clad ...

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    Report: Supercar maker Pagani inks deal for high-end Huayra audio system with Sonus Faber

    Along with a mysterious Track Pack for the Pagani Huayra, the Italian builder of deliciously crafted supercars announced a partnership with Sonus Faber, Italian builders of deliciously crafted speakers, at the Geneva Motor Show. Pagani didn't reveal how many speakers the Sonus Faber kit has, but ...

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    Video: Pagani Huayra sets new Top Gear Test Track record in season premiere

    The season premiere of Top Gear aired last night in the UK, and did so in typical Top Gear fashion. We've yet to see the episode for ourselves (it's available via Final Gear on bittorrent, and as we reported earlier, will air on BBC America in North America just a week from now on February 4), ...

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    Featured: Top 10 automotive oddities of the past year

    With every publication hammering through their "best & worst" lists we couldn't help but wonder about the top news-making announcements and launches this year that sparked conversations, debates, and sometimes heated arguments amongst the enthusiast fray. After careful consideration we have ...

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    Video: EVO's "2012 Car of the Year: The Track Battles" is a sports car salmagundi

    EVO has come out with another gotta-watch-it video, throwing its 2012 Car of the Year contestants around the 2.4 kilometre Blyton Park track. It's actually a 15 minute teaser for the full-length DVD detailing EVO's Car of the Year selection, but the tease is worth every penny free second. Tiff ...

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    First Drive: 2013 Pagani Huayra [w/video]

    The Most Lovingly Built Exotic on Earth It feels wrong to be asking this question after another inspiring visit to Pagani Automobili in San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy: Where on Earth do they get the money to do all this at such a high level? The answer to this question is most certainly really ...