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    Featured: Hummer destroyed in drunk driving crash has bizarre Kijiji sale ad online

    We all know that stories of drinking and driving don't end well, but luckily this hammered Hummer owner from Saskatchewan survived the mangled write-off above that's currently listed for sale online. Although admitting to drunk driving as the cause of the crash may seem like the honest thing to ...

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    Video: Toronto Hummer driver learns lesson in road rage justice being served

    If the prejudice against gas-guzzling, environment-killing, dangerous driving Hummer owners wasn't already bad enough, this road rage video certainly makes us glad the testosterone-fueled SUV brand is likely gone for good. Watch as a jerk in a black Hummer H2 is seen harassing another driver and ...

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    Official: AM General Humvee C-Series kit is ready to order

    If you were looking forward to the day you could order one of AM General's HUMVEE C-Series kits, it's almost time to get out the wrenches. Details, photos and a pre-order form are live on the AM General website. Most of the details are as we reported in August, with a couple of surprises. The ...

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    Featured: Zibar offroad monster makes Hummer H1 look like family wagon

    At first glance it may look like some crazy custom Hummer or life size G.I. Joe toy, but this extreme machine is actually built by the off-road vehicle specialists at Zibar in Israel. Never heard of them? Well you're not alone, as we hadn't either... that is until we noticed this bad ass ...

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    Featured: Electric mini Hummer tempts motoring ironists

    There's good news for you if you're still lamenting the loss of Hummer. UK-based customizer Prindiville will gladly whip you up a new officially-licensed, pint-sized version of General Motors' fuel-thirsty off roader. This machine doesn't get its power from a heady V8, though. Instead, the ...

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    Video: Alberta man saves four kids with Hummer [w/video]

    A quick-thinking driver out west put his own life on the line last month when he drove his Hummer H3 in front of a distracted driver to save four children. Darrell Krushelnicki, 46, of Taber, Alberta, saw a car about to speed through an intersection. Four kids, whose ages ranged from three to 16 ...

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    Report: AM General ready to offer civilian Humvee kit car

    For anyone feeling nostalgic about the passing of the Hummer brand, or the actual wartime vehicle that inspired it, now is your chance to own a version of the original HMMWV, albeit without an engine. After a 12-year hiatus from the civilian vehicle market, AM General is reportedly set to offer ...

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    Report: Automakers tussle over owners of 'orphan' makes

    When General Motors put down several of its brands in recent years, it also let loose thousands of brand-loyal customers who will eventually need another car. R.L. Polk Associates estimates there are more than 18 million cars from 16 discontinued makes on the road today. Those "orphan owners" ...

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    Report: Humvee reborn on the battlefield... with a chimney?!

    The military's High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), better known to most of us as the Humvee, has already served a long and distinguished career in the battlefield, and there have been a number of replacements waiting in the wings to take over where the HMMWV left off. Or, should ...

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    Architects design home made entirely of busted Hummers

    Architects Craig Hodges and HsinMing Fung joined forces in 1984 to create their agency HplusF. Since then, the pair have gone on to apply their stylistic skill to the UCLA library, Hollywood Bowl, Egyptian Theater and a number of other works of architectural art. HplusF also tackles unique ...