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hurricane sandy

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    Video: Learn how to tell if a car has been flood damaged before you buy it

    With over 250,000 cars reportedly damaged by Hurricane Sandy alone, prospective car buyers are cautioned to beware of shady opportunists looking to cash in on the disaster by selling flood-damaged vehicles to unsuspecting consumers. While the sale of flood damaged cars isn't a crime, deceitfully ...

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    Video: This is not how you tow a Bentley convertible

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy upwards of 250,000 vehicles may have been destroyed, but this particular Bentley Continental GTC may have had insult added to that injury as it was towed out of New York. While we don't know the exact details behind this vehicle being towed, the lack of concern ...

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    Followup: Fisker reportedly drops US$33M lawsuit over Super Storm Sandy damaged cars

    In the wake of Superstorm Sandy hitting the east coast, Fisker Automotive and insurer XL Insurance wound up in a legal battle over 338 Karma models destroyed in the storm. The cars were sitting in Port Newark, New Jersey when the enormous storm struck, washing away US$33 million worth of viable ...

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    Report: Estimate for Hurricane Sandy-damaged vehicles surpasses 250,000

    Four months after superstorm Sandy blew through the East Coast wreaking havoc in its path, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has announced its revised estimates for the number of vehicles damaged in the storm's wake. The new total now stands at a staggering 250,500 vehicles (for ...

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    Followup: Even more images of the airport full of 15,000 flood-damaged Sandy cars

    The damage from a major natural disaster can be harrowing – loss to life and limb combined with property damage, environmental, economic and psychological impact make picking up the pieces difficult. But long after the crisis ebbs, the damage lingers, becoming ever more pernicious and ...

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    Report: 15,000+ Sandy-ravaged cars headed for auction

    According to the most recent estimates, Hurricane Sandy inflicted upwards of US$60 billion in damage to the Northeast when it hit last October – one of the most destructive storms in history. In addition to the life and property losses, officials believe that more than 200,000 vehicles in ...

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    Video: Hagerty profiles Sandy survivors and their classic cars

    One of the harsh realities encountered by some in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is the damage done to their beloved classic cars. Such a story may not make it to CNN, so Hagerty Insurance set about chronicling the efforts by several owners to preserve their classics during the storm. One ...

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    Followup: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta auction raises US$1.5M for Hurricane Sandy relief

    Ferrari has managed to raise US$1.5 million for victims of Hurricane Sandy during an auction in Austin, Texas for the very first F12 Berlinetta in the US. The funds will go to the American Red Cross and be earmarked for Hurricane Sandy relief. Ferrari started bidding on the F12 at US$315,888, but ...

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    Official: NYPD buys mobile surveillance vans to watch Sandy-hit neighborhoods

    To keep an eye on some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, the New York City police department has acquired a small fleet of innovative surveillance vans. Built by TerraHawk, LLC of Dallas, Texas, the NYPD has been using four Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST) vans to patrol ...

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    Report: NYC chef busted for hoarding gas after restaurant fire injures 3

    After the flooding and power outages, one of the biggest impacts Superstorm Sandy has had in the Northeast remains a rash of gasoline shortages. To get around the problem, Fei Teng, a 42-year-old sushi chef at a Manhattan restaurant called 1066 ENO, was reportedly hoarding gas in the restaurant's ...