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    Rumormill: Mercedes-AMG planning hybrid hypercar?

    It used to be that, a few overlapping two-door models aside, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche didn't really compete with one another. That's how the two ended up collaborating on projects like the Mercedes 500 E that put it on the performance sedan map without fear of stepping on each other's toes. But ...

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    Report: Porsche planning more plug-ins

    Which automaker offers the most plug-in models in the industry? The answer may surprise you, because it's not Toyota, it's not Renault or Nissan or any other automaker that might spring to mind. The answer is Porsche, which already offers the Cayenne and Panamera in plug-in hybrid spec in ...

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    Detroit: 2016 Chevy Volt zaps into the Detroit Auto Show with big improvements [w/video]

    If you need an example of how quickly the plug-in hybrid market is evolving, just take a quick glance at the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. For its freshly introduced new generation at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, the sedan sports extra range, better efficiency and a host of other improvements to make the ...

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    Featured: 2016 Acura NSX: Everything there is to know

    The road to supercar stardom is littered with missteps. For every slam-dunk like the McLaren F1 ad Ferrari F40, there are contenders that never quite reach their full potential – think Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and Jaguar XJ220. Fear of building a mediocre halo car is why automakers take ...

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    Official: Porsche to replace chassis components in 918 Spyders

    The entire production run of the Porsche 918 Spyder is completely sold out, but 205 of them need to make a trip to the dealer for a repair estimated to take about two days. According to Porsche, it found quality problems with unspecified "chassis components" on the hybrid supercar and has ...

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    Official: Renault reveals tiny two-stroke twincharged diesel

    The Renault-Nissan Alliance bills itself as the worldwide leader in electric vehicles with a claimed 58 per cent of the global market share. In the highly competitive world of increasingly efficient powertrains, development can never stand still if the company wants to maintain that dominance. ...

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    Video: Nissan paint prank involves 'world's cleanest' Leaf

    If you want attention, then there's nothing like a good prank to get people looking. Nissan is taking a page from the old Candid Camera playbook to show off a new self-cleaning nano-paint technology called Ultra-Ever Dry. Turns out, when you spill a water-based paint on it, the paint just drips ...

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    Report: Hyundai/Kia's Prius rival to arrive by 2017

    The Toyota Prius is the undisputed king of the hybrid market, but Hyundai and Kia are hoping to challenge its reign in the coming years with their own dedicated model. However, in all likelihood this is the same technology being shared between them. "We will take the lead in the future by raising ...

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    Official: Volvo XC90 T8 hybrid runs 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, will use 4L/100km*

    Volvo has shown us the new XC90. It's even shown us its new every-trick-in-the-book twin-charged hybrid powertrain. It just hasn't shown the two together... that is, until now. Although the High Performance Drive-E Powertrain prototype it showcased a couple of months ago was rated as high as 450 ...

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    Official: Street legal formula-style racer is a plug-in Predator we want to drive

    Street Legal Formula-Style Racer Now Up For Crowdfunding It may look like a somewhat squashed Formula 1 race car, but the new PC010 ST is a street-legal hybrid car. Or an all-electric street-legal racer. The main hurdle between you and some zero-emission action will be putting the $20,000 kit car ...