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    Report: BMW i3 called 'most revolutionary car' since Ford Model T

    The Ultimate Driving Machine, or at least one of them, may also be the Ultimate Engineering Success. Consultant Munro & Associates, which specializes in automotive tear-down analysis, pretty much said as much when taking an under-the-skin look at the BMW i3 plug-in. In short, the firm liked ...

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    Quick Spin: 2014 BMW i3

    Upon receiving an invite to test drive a new car at the BMW Driving Academy Maisach (located at a former air force base in Germany), you could imagine our surprise when we found out the vehicle we'd be flogging around the test track would not be wearing a mighty 'M' badge. Instead it was an ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW i3 EV continues to shed camouflage

    As BMW gets closer to introducing the production version of its plug-in i3, we keep seeing the hatchback being tested with lessening degrees of design-obscuring camouflage. Last we heard, BMW is expecting to have the i3 ready by the end of this year, and the swirly, blue camo does little to hide ...

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    Confirmed: BMW confirms X4 for next year, i3 preorders starting to add up

    BMW has confirmed the long-anticipated X4 will bow next year. Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the automaker's board of management, made mention of the upcoming CUV during remarks at the company's annual accounts press conference. Reithofer said that BMW has sold more than 2.7 million X models ...

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    Report: BMW to launch loaner program to avoid range anxiety on electric models

    BMW is looking to stave off electric vehicle range anxiety with a new program that offers buyers a free gasoline loaner with every i3 purchase. Ward's Auto reports BMW is confident that the EV will give buyers the kind of transportation they need for 90 per cent of their trips. The loaners, ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW i3 continues to shed camo as it whirs silently toward production

    While BMW was parading around its high-concept i3 Coupe at the LA Auto Show this year, the engineers and test drivers have been hard at work honing the real deal on the mean streets of, well, someplace European. This is the same basic tester that we've seen in previous sets of spied images, ...

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    Video: BMW i3 video wants to help you make more sense of the Coupe Concept

    For those still trying to figure out what the BMW i3 Coupe Concept is about, the Munich brand has provided an explanation in moving pictures, as well as a much better look at the interior. The result of 40 years of tinkering with electric cars, the production version of the i3 Coupe Concept will ...

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    Official: BMW, Boeing weave agreement on carbon fibre recycling research

    BMW has been at the forefront of volume automakers looking to invest in carbon fibre technology. The latest development in the German automaker's efforts is in the form of a joint venture with aircraft giant Boeing. According to a joint press release, the two companies will collaborate on further ...

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    Los Angeles: BMW i3 Coupe Concept is the newest in LifeDrive "stream flow" design

    This is the BMW i3 Coupe Concept, a sharpened take on all of the acronymous innovations wrought by four-door BMW i3 Concept: "stream flow" design wrapping its LifeDrive architecture and Life Module cabin. Presenting an evolved future beyond the already-futuristic four-door i3 Concept, the i3 ...

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    Official: i3 Coupe Concept continues to evolve BMW's electric aspirations

    BMW has unveiled the i3 Coupe Concept ahead of the 2012 LA Auto Show. Like the automaker's other i efforts, the i3 Coupe boasts a carbon fibre body, and an electric motor with a maximum output of 170 horsepower helps shuttle the two-door down the road. Believe it or not, the i3 Coupe Concept puts ...