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    Featured: 12 Instagram accounts we love

    And You Will, Too Photographing a car seems deceptively simple. See car, take photo. But anyone who has ever attempted to convey what a car stirs in the enthusiast heart using hashtags knows it is not that easy. A car's personality can change from every angle. Lighting and background is ...

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    Video: Get an early look at Apple's iOS in the Car

    Apple unveiled its iOS in the Car operating system during the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference last June. During the keynote, it showed off how iOS 7 could be adapted to work as an automotive infotainment system. Since then, Apple has been mum on the subject, but the first demo of the new OS ...

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    Sema: SEMA Show 2013 highlights from Mobile Audio and Electronics Hall

    The 2013 SEMA Show has almost too much for a set of eyes, ears and feet to handle. In one million square feet of trade show space, there are approximately 2,500 cars, trucks and other motorized things to gawk at. While the Performance Hall is always the big ticket draw, the Mobile Audio and ...

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    Report: Apple moves to patent adjusting car preferences via iPhone

    Just when you thought your iPhone could do everything for you, Apple is pulling one more trick out of the hat. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, the company has filed a patent application for a system that remembers individual car settings, such as the angle of your side mirrors or ...

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    Video: Motor Recall app makes game out of identifying vehicle lights at night

    What will they think of next? This is an app called Motor Recall, and if you're at all like us, it's pretty much the equivalent of any nighttime car ride as a kid - see a pair of headlights or taillights, pick out the make, model and if you're lucky/good, the year. Now, the clever folks at Case ...

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    Video: Apple unveils iOS for the Car

    Today at Apple's 2013 Worldwide Developer's Conference, the House That Jobs built debuted iOS in the Car, an upcoming feature for iOS devices that mirrors what your iPhone can do on your car's in-dash screen. A perfect port of your iPhone's screen wouldn't work, since its dimensions don't match ...

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    Report: Apple wants to embed iOS in your dash

    In a move that will likely forever change the relationship between handheld wireless devices and automotive infotainment systems, reports say that Apple is working closely with multiple automakers to integrate its iOS Maps and Siri voice-activated systems seamlessly into new vehicles. According ...

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    Shanghai: Volkswagen iBeetle gets integrated iPhone dock, little else

    Apple fans have been itching to see the tech giant flex the full muscle of its iOS operating system in an automotive infotainment system for years, which is why we turned all sorts of excited when we caught wind of the Volkswagen iBeetle. The machine is headed to the Shanghai Motor Show for a ...

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    Featured: Could this Lexus CT 200h be the Ultimate Connected Car?

    Car connectivity is a pretty big deal these days, as today's consumers are constantly searching for the latest and greatest ways to stay connected on the go and easily integrate various electronic devices. The satin aluminum coloured Lexus CT 200h you see here is anything but ordinary, as the ...

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    Report: Australian police urge motorists to stay away from Apple iOS6 Maps [w/video]

    Apple Maps is the beautiful but flawed pile of pooh that just keeps on steaming. Not long after it appeared in the company's latest operating system iOS6 for iPhone, people noticed that it had a habit of showing destinations in the wrong locations, like a museum located underwater, or refusing to ...