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    Detroit: Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept could be something special

    With one of Infiniti's chief goals being to adopt a less North American centric product lineup and burnish its standing on the global stage, Nissan's premium outpost will have to get serious about enhancing its offerings' performance and image credentials if it wants to take on the Germans model ...

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    Report: Infiniti boss De Nysschen confirms next Q60 Coupe, ponders high-performance variants

    We've known since mid-December that Infiniti's new global model naming convention would turn the current-generation G37 Coupe into the Q60 Coupe starting next year, but we haven't been clear on whether the model-range-formerly-known-as-G would get a successor, especially as its volume has ...

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    Official: 2013 Infiniti IPL G Convertible Priced at $62,363

    Remember when the price of entry to the "entry-level luxury" space was around $30,000? These days, that's the average price of a new car, nevermind something with premium brand cachet attached. Forgive our rose-colored glasses for a moment, but we've just come across the pricing announcement for ...

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    Rumormill: Next Infiniti IPL G Coupe will have 530 HP twin turbo V6?!

    You read it right, rumours suggest a 530 horsepower twin-turbo Infiniti "Super G" is in the works! Based on the recent MotorTrend interview with an industry insider at Infiniti, production plans are well underway for an all-new 3.7-litre direct injection, twin turbocharged V-6 engine in the new ...

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    Review: 2012 Infiniti G37 IPL

    More Consonants, More Raw There's an almost infinite amount to love about the Infiniti G37 line. In sedan or coupe form, X or S guise, the vehicles deliver that difficult-to-attain blend of rear-wheel-biased performance, content and refinement with a manageable price tag. With the excellent VQ37 ...

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    Official: 2013 Infiniti IPL G Convertible drops its top for LA

    %Gallery-139587% Any luxury automaker worth its burlwood has to have a performance division. BMW has M. Mercedes-Benz has AMG. Audi's Quattro GmbH churns out S and RS models. Lexus has the letter F. Cadillac has V. And Infiniti has IPL. The Infiniti Performance Line launched last summer with the ...

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    Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version approved for production, may result in AMG-like tuning arm

    Running a luxury brand used to be simple. Tart up a few mass-market sedans with leather interiors and power accessories, slap on a big hood ornament, jack the price through the roof, then sit back and watch the gravy train flow. These days it couldn't be more different. You need dedicated luxury ...

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    2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe

    There doesn't appear to be a dip in popularity for new vehicles with abnormally long names on the market. For example there is the 'BMW Z4 SDrive35iS' or the mouthful that is the 'Range Rover Autobiography Black Limited Edition' and even more modestly priced vehicles aren't immune like the ...

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    Report: Video: Infiniti to roll out special Sebastian Vettel edition vehicle

    With the United States Grand Prix set to join the calendar next year in Austin, Texas, the only current stop the Formula One circus makes in North America this season is in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix. And while he was in our neck of the woods, the guys over at FastLaneDaily got a ...

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    Rumormill: Infiniti Performance Line could benefit from AMG power

    2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has M. Lexus has F. Cadillac has V. In short, any luxury automaker worth its grille badge needs a solid sport range. Infiniti has been trying to get in on the game with its Infiniti Performance Line, but emerging ...