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    Video: Isuzu Trail View is Google Street View for off road [w/video]

    Isuzu has taken to advertising its new KB pickup truck with a unique initiative. The company wanted to apply the Google Street View philosophy to some of South Africa's more remote off-road trails, and the result is Suzuki Trail View. Using multiple action cameras situated in a 3D-printed ...

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    Official: GM, Isuzu planning new truck development

    General Motors and Isuzu had a long and drawn-out break up that resulted in the loss of Isuzu passenger cars in North America, as well as heavy-duty truck operations for GM. Now it appears that both automakers are in talks to produce pickup trucks once again, after signing a memorandum of ...

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    Official: GM-Isuzu joint venture assembles 1.5-millionth Duramax diesel

    General Motors and Isuzu have officially stitched together 1.5 million Duramax 6.6-litre diesel engines. The joint venture between the two manufacturers started in 1998, and now the DMAX plant employs 517 workers in a 584,000 square-foot facility. GM introduced the Duramax turbo diesel engine to ...

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    Toyota CEO lists favorite cars from other automakers

    During a meeting of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Toyota president Akio Toyoda offered a "Chapeau!" to his fellow CEOs by listing his favorite cars from other makers. He listed just one vehicle from five makers represented on the board, in alphabetical order: the Honda NSX, ...

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    Report: GM first proposed US$3B controlling stake in Isuzu

    General Motors initially wanted to buy one-third of Isuzu Motors Ltd, which would give it the right to veto board decisions, but has scaled back how much of the Japanese company it might try to buy, according to a new Reuters report. At current stock prices, GM would have paid more than US$3 ...

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    Report: VW Passat engine fires and GMC truck cooling system investigations closed

    Looks like Volkswagen and General Motors can breathe a corporate sigh of relief. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States has closed investigations into both companies without issuing fines or ordering a recall. The US government safety agency said it had reviewed 43 ...

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    Planters cracks open a new ride for Mr. Nut

    Planters Nutmobile
    Mr. Peanut can't be relegated to just any automobile. After all, as the face of Nabisco's Planters division and as one of the most beloved (though just a wee bit creepy, if we're being honest) mascots in American history, Sir Nut needs a ride suitable of his stature. And, ...

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    GM recalling pickups for missing child seat tether

    General Motors is recalling nearly 200,000 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon and Isuzu i280 and i370 pickups. The vehicles are apparently equipped with a top child restraint tether anchor that's not accessible as required by federal law in the center seating position. This means parents could ...

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    Isuzu recalls Axiom and Rodeo models, Honda Passport comes along for the ride

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been on top of corrosion issues of late, with the recent recall of Toyota Tundra models for excessive frame rust and an investigation of the Ford Windstar for a similar issue. Now it's Isuzu and Honda's turn under the rust recall spotlight, ...