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johnson controls

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    Report: Your next new car could have an interior that changes colours

    Ever sit in a car with a black interior and wish you could change it to, say, a beige one to better suit your mood that day? Or one with a red interior that's just too garish for your tastes? Well Johnson Controls might have the answer. According to the latest report from Automotive News, the ...

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    Report: Are car seats of the future self-adjusting?

    In 2010, automotive supplier Faurecia showed off a car seat that, via Bluetooth communication with a smartphone app, would adjust itself based on information the occupant had entered. It looks like that was too much work for a busy executive to do, because Automotive News has a story on how that ...

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    Report: China's Wanxiang looking to diffuse political fears over A123 purchase

    Wanxiang Group has insisted A123 Systems will remain an American company operationally following intense scrutiny from US lawmakers. China's largest parts manufacturer purchased A123 Systems at auction after the company fell into insolvency, but the battery maker holds a number of defense ...

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    Official: GM, Ford placed in top 10 on 2012 Fortune 500 list

    If you're a blue-blooded capitalist, there's nothing better than leading your company to the top of the Fortune 500 – except for making billions of dollars in profits, that is. But thankfully those two objectives tend to go hand-in-hand, as proven by these two men. Indeed, General Motors ...

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    Detroit 2011: Johnson Controls ie:3 Concept reinvents the interior

    Johnson Controls ie:3 Interior Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    All the fancy technology automakers are planting inside our vehicles needs to be supplied from somewhere... like, say, Tier 1 automotive supplier Johnson Controls. The supplier is using the Detroit Auto Show ...