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    MO-TO wooden cars are begging for a spot on your desk [w/video]

    Normally when we report on promising crowd-funding projects, we're writing about things and ideas that we'd like to see come to life. In the case of this new MO-TO wooden toy car collection from Candylab Toys, however, the online world has already voted loudly that the product should come to ...

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    Motorsport: Son resurrecting Mickey Thompson's LSR Streamliner for Bonneville run [w/videos]

    You've probably heard of Mickey Thompson, if not for racing home-built Indy cars or punting early Funny Cars down drag strips, perhaps for the tire company he founded, his successful forays into off-road racing or, crucially, his attempts to break land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. ...

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    Video: R/C car-quadcopter seeks Kickstarter funding [w/video]

    Go ahead and clear off your holiday wish list. You're going to need some space. Behold the B: the remote controlled offspring of a toy car and a quadcopter. The machine is capable of vertical take off and landing thanks to four seven-inch propeller blades mounted at each wheel hub. Each rotor ...

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    Video: Huzi Dream Car is a magnetic spin on wooden toys [w/video]

    A playful design company has created a delightful set of wooden playthings. The Dream Car by Huzi Design was a successful Kickstarter campaign for a set of interchangeable wooden blocks that can be used to create any kind of car – no, not just a car, any kind of thing on wheels. Now ...

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    Video: Bugatti 'Blue Dream' plane being replicated with Kickstarter help

    Ettore Bugatti, the automobile designer behind the Automobiles E. Bugatti nameplate, was famed for his engine and vehicle designs. Yet few realize that the Frenchman also worked on a spectacular twin-engine racing aircraft, intended to compete in the 1939 Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup Race, called ...

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    Featured: Little Red Racing Car Kickstarter project a father/son affair [w/video]

    Tales of fathers and sons, whether told for adults or for children, never go out of style. It's appropriate then that The Little Red Racing Car, a story about a father and son finding and restoring a 1955 Maserati 300S, is such a stylish piece of work. Author Dwight Knowlton first started ...

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    Featured: Euro classics buff book GranTurismo kicks off on Kickstarter [w/video]

    While the launch of a new, car-based website is rarely newsworthy – of the hundreds we're tipped about each year, most are cesspools of spam or vanish in short order. However, the debut of an enthusiast-facing print magazine has actually become a pretty rare occurrence. So when we first ...

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    Video: Tom and Ray of Car Talk launch Kickstarter campaign for "yoga" documentary?

    Have you ever heard of the art of "Italian Yoga"? We certainly hadn't, but when we caught word that Tom and Ray Magliozzi (better known as the Car Talk brothers) were practitioners, we were intrigued. So what exactly is Italian Yoga? Peter Catizone is the movement's "founder," and describes ...

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    Video: Want to Kickstart the Fastest Motorcycle Ever Built?

    Out of the workshop of Birmingham, Alabama-based Confederate Motors has rolled several revolutionary bikes. JT Nesbitt designed the G2 Hellcat and the Wraith, two of the company's first models. Made of aircraft aluminum and carbon fibre, the US$100,000 Wraith set a top speed record of 166.45 mph ...

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    Video: BikeLink puts the brake lights on the back of your neck [w/video]

    When you're on a motorcycle any time of day, but especially at night, giving drivers in cars the best chance to see you before they hit you is priority one. That's the need addressed by BikeLink, a CHMSL and then some for the two-wheeled set. A band of lights that attaches to the base of a ...