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    The List: Chevy teases new Niva concept for Moscow debut

    It's not every day that a new Niva comes along. Lada has, after all, been producing its version since 1977, and through a joint venture between AvtoVaz and General Motors, a Chevy-badged version since 1998. Sure, there's been talk of creating a new one. Bertone even gave it a facelift a few years ...

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    Video: Worst car unloading attempt ever is quick and painful

    Here's a fun fact: not all automotive calamities in Russia are caught on dash cam. Occasionally, someone with just a cell phone captures some gold, like this woeful attempt at unloading what appears to be a Lada. First of all, as with most jobs, having the correct tool for the task makes the ...

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    Motorsport: Lada rolls out new Granta TC1 WTCC

    There are auto marques you'd associate with racing and those you wouldn't. Names like Audi, Porsche, Nissan, Ferrari, Ford and Chevy would fall firmly in the former category. Lada... slightly less so. The Russian automaker is remembered (when it is remembered, anyway) for its no-frills, ...

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    Teased: First new Datsun in decade sketched, set for Indian reveal

    Nissan's Datsun nameplate revival will begin with two models bound for the Indian market. Nissan has released sketches of a five-door hatchback based on the Micra (codenamed K2) and a top-down view of a hood that could potentially be from a sedan. The company's press release says all will be ...

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    Video: Russian wannabe drifter ends up crashing car into wall with no seatbelt

    Some things should be left up to trained professionals, such as stunt driving and attempting to drift a the crappy Lada Samara, which is of course a lame front wheel drive hatchback. The wannabe drift session goes terribly wrong after the half-witted wheel-man ends up crashing head-on into a ...

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    Video: Russian truck driver plows along with Lada stuck to bumper

    We spotted this unusual sight on the streets of Russia, as a tough little Lada somehow becomes a new hood ornament on the front of a moving transport truck. Although details surrounding the strange incident are scarce, we can safely assume the road raging truck driver was trying to teach a ...

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    Report: New Datsuns to be based on Lada platform

    Although we haven't heard much official news about the return of the Datsun brand since Carlos Ghosn made the announcement back in March, we now have a little more information about Nissan's new budget brand. Automotive News Europe is reporting that the new breed of Datsun products will go on ...

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    Video: Stupidest or luckiest driver in the world survives this insane car crash

    Some of the most ridiculous events to ever occur behind the wheel of a car, originate from Russia. Thanks to the addition of dashcam's to so many vehicles, we've been able to get a glimpse of some of the craziness from way over there. The outrageous car accident we see here is yet another new ...

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    Video: Road rage in Russia settled with gunfire

    The situation on the roads in Russia is a dire one. The video captured by dash cams is often hilarious, sometimes frightening and occasionally truly horrific. The road rage incident we have uncovered here seems to be all of the above when a dispute erupts in gunfire as a shooter targets a Lada ...

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    Video: The details of the Lada XRay concept

    When is the last time you watched five minutes of video on a Lada that didn't involve dual power windows, fires or Fifth Gear? Don't feel bad if the answer is, "What's Russian for 'never'?", but now's a good time to change that. Lada wants the world to know that it's no longer the old Lada, ...