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    Video: Watch ads combating marijuana DUI problem in legalized states

    Consider our buzz harshed. Legal pot use in the US-States of Washington and Colorado has had a number of benefits – the Highest State has seen a 2.5-per cent drop in violent crime and a big bump in tax revenues (US$10 million during the first third of 2014). Washington, meanwhile, is ...

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    Video: Redonkulous Dodge Charger is ridin' high

    We're a bit hazy on the styling of this particular donk, which was recently spotted hashing about by HotCarsTV at the Southern Heritage Classic Car show in Memphis. Sporting a "dope" paint job and some wheels that make a "blunt" statement about what the driver enjoys, it's a unique take on the ...

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    Report: Driving while using medical marijuana not necessarily illegal in Michigan

    It's going to be a while before we've figured out our brave new marijuana-approved world. The next lesson comes from the US courtesy of the Michigan Supreme Court, which has reportedly ruled that it isn't necessarily against the law for a medical marijuana user to drive with the drug in their ...

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    Featured: Woman unknowingly smuggles pot over border beneath her car

    We've seen very creative ways to smuggle drugs across a border with a motorized vehicle (including faux rally trucks) but most don't involve innocent citizens. Giving all of us yet another reason to peer beneath our rides before we travel, innovative Mexican smugglers recently used powerful ...

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    Video: This is what driving totally stoned on marijuana looks like

    With multiple states legalising marijuana, government agencies are scrambling to research the effect of the drug on drivers. CNN recently took a look at operating a motor vehicle under the influence of pot by subjecting three users in Washington state to a little driving test with the help of ...

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    Video: Participant claims Fox News Denver rigged marijuana driving test results

    In May of this year, KDVR, Fox News 31 of Denver, Colorado aired a segment in which it tested the effects of marijuana on drivers. At the time of the story, Colorado lawmakers narrowly voted down a law that would have made it illegal to drive with more than five nanograms / ml of the drug in your ...

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    Report: Thieves stealing Porsche headlamps for marijuana grow lights

    Well this is something you don't see everyday. Thieves in Amsterdam have been preying upon unsuspecting Porsches recently. The burglars are not making off with the entire car. Rather, they are stealing only the HID headlights. But what is most interesting is the purpose of snatching just the ...

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    Report: Smoking pot nearly doubles risk of serious crash

    Canadian researchers have discovered smoking marijuana three hours before driving can more than double a driver's chance of being involved in a serious crash. The study examined data collected from 49,111 victims who had been seriously injured or died in an accident. Researchers specifically ...

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    More Chrysler factory workers caught enjoying "the plant" at Jefferson North

    What is it about working at the Chrysler Jefferson North facility (pictured above) that drives employees to get high? Controversy has bubbled up again in the form of a new report of auto workers at the factory smoking pot during their lunch break. The last report came in September 2010 when a ...

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    Followup: Chrysler workers caught drinking during lunch suspended without pay

    Chrysler has announced that all 15 of the employees who were apparently caught drinking and smoking pot during their lunch break by a Fox 2 News Detroit crew have been suspended indefinitely without pay. The workers from the company's Jefferson North Assembly Plant were spotted drinking heavily ...