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    Study: Men, women drive and buy their EVs very differently

    That bad habit some men have of seeing how far they can go when the "empty" fuel light is on? Many challenge their electric vehicles in the same way. Some things don't change. Men and women approach driving plug-in vehicles differently, according to a report by the UC Davis Institute of ...

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    Study: Study reveals surprise car buying differences between men and women

    Remember the new car colour study that revealed the paint preferences between men and women? Well, part two of that same automotive battle of the sexes study by iSeeCars takes a closer look at specific buying patterns and vehicle preferences between each gender. The latest study suggests there ...

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    Study: Men prefer luxury brands, women favour imports when shopping for new cars

    Guys like luxury, and women like imports when it comes to new-car buying, according to a study by Kelley Blue Book. Five out of the 10 brands men were most likely to shop for were domestic, with Lincoln topping the charts. Men are 174 per cent more likely to shop for a domestic luxury brand than ...

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    Report: Women outnumber men for first time on US roads

    According to a study by the University of Michigan, women now outnumber men on US roads for the first time in the country's history. Analysts at the school's Transportation Research Institute used data from driver's license statistics for their findings, and the trend may have a widespread impact ...

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    Study says 7.4 per cent of Lamborghini models purchased by women, and other gender curiosities

    By Aaron Richardson A study released by revealed that 7.4 per cent of Lamborghini buyers in 2010 were women, a 2.2-per cent rise over the previous year. Rolls-Royce and Ferrari also saw an increase in purchases by females, with Rolls climbing from eight per cent to 9.3 per cent and ...