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    Report: How Michelin went from tire company to premiere foodie guide

    Michelin is globally known for two things – tires and food. Yeah, we know, those two are pretty far removed from each other, but the company's history in the former is very nearly as long and storied as its work in the latter. A decade after the Michelin brothers started selling tires, ...

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    Official: Michelin announces Tweel airless tire going into production [w/videos]

    Michelin has been showing off its idea of combining the wheel and tire into a single component as far back as 2005. Dubbed the Tweel, the novel design replaced standard pneumatic tires and metal wheels with deforming spokes around a hub. While uses of the Tweel are still limited, the tech is ...

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    Featured: Winter tires vs. all season: When and why to make the switch

    It's that time of year again, as we prepare for the winter driving season and many drivers debate when (and if) they should switch to winter tires. Automobile technology is changing and cars are performing better because of things like ABS brakes and traction control. Still, those features are ...

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    Official: New Michelin tire improves as it ages

    We don't often cover tires, but a new model from Michelin, Premier A/S with EverGrip, has us at least a little curious. That's because the French tire maker claims they're not just new tires, but offer "truly revolutionary advancements in tire technology" that are " to break the ...

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    Canada: Winter tires versus all seasons, make the switch before snow

    For many years, winter tire technology remained nearly unchanged. Those old knobby bias ply tires seemed to be around for decades and typically were only put on the rear of many vehicles. In today's rapid-paced environment, cars (and people) need to move fast and safely. More recently, winter ...

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    Video: MIchelin demonstrates how low rolling resistance tires work

    Tires get overlooked in the headlines about fuel economy and CAFE standards, which is a little odd. After all, a car's tires are the only contact it has with the road, so more efficient rubber means more efficient use of fuel, and even tiny gains spread over the huge number of road-going vehicles ...

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    Video: Storming the ice with Michelin X-ice 3 [w/video]

    Winter may have been a bit of a bust here in Southern Ontario this year, at least as far as snowfall goes, but other parts of the continent have not gotten off so lightly. As Winter tire advocates for years, we are always the first to point out that cold temperatures and icy roads pose as much of ...

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    Detroit: Michelin displays the future of automotive design in Detroit

    Karl Benz began manufacturing the first production automobiles way back in 1888. A hop, skip and a jump away, in France, Edouard and Andre Michelin incorporated the tire company that bears their name in the same year. Having manufactured tires since the earliest days of the automobile, Michelin ...

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    Report: Tires becoming scarce automotive supply?

    Combine rising raw materials costs, reduced production capacity and manufacturing bottlenecks, and the result for the world of tires is this: not enough hoops to satisfy automaker demand. According to Automotive News, even before The Great Recession hit, a Bridgestone tire executive said that plant ...