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    Auctions: eBay Find Of The Day: Mercedes Unimog and Pinzgauer fleet is an army in a box

    There's something paradoxically beautiful about the heavy-duty, over-engineered design of military equipment. It's not classically pretty, but army hardware just looks ready to take a beating and still be ready for more. From the Humvee to the Jeep, we have a long history of repurposing the armed ...

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    Video: US Army tests Subaru-powered hybrid truck

    The military has been studying the implementation of alternative drivetrains for years, a tiny sampling of which includes the diesel-electric hybrid technical hauler and L-ATV from Oshkosh Defense and the Aggressor from Quantum Technologies. There was also ADA Technologies' work with ...

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    Video: Motor Trend Humvee challenge is a brawl in the desert

    Here's a fun fact: the AM General Humvee vehicles currently used in the military weigh 6,486 kilograms (14,300 pounds), with 2.7 metric tonnes (three tons) of armour plating attached. Another fact, which isn't so fun: they come equipped with a 6.5-litre diesel V8 with just 190 horsepower and 355 ...

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    Featured: U.S. Army evaluates Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles

    The use of military motorcycles is nothing new, but the latest Chistini AWD Military Edition (pictured above) is no ordinary bike. Yes, you read correctly... this is an all-wheel-drive motorcycle developed to deliver hardcore off road performance in any conditions. Although it should come as no ...

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    Featured: Zibar offroad monster makes Hummer H1 look like family wagon

    At first glance it may look like some crazy custom Hummer or life size G.I. Joe toy, but this extreme machine is actually built by the off-road vehicle specialists at Zibar in Israel. Never heard of them? Well you're not alone, as we hadn't either... that is until we noticed this bad ass ...

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    Official: Need an armoured transport? Have we got an auction for you

    The Dean V. Kruse Foundation is hard at work scrounging up cash to pay off some serious debt, and that work has led the organization to auction off more than half of the vehicles contained in the National Military History Center collection. If you're looking for World War II-era armor, consider ...

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    Report: AM General ready to offer civilian Humvee kit car

    For anyone feeling nostalgic about the passing of the Hummer brand, or the actual wartime vehicle that inspired it, now is your chance to own a version of the original HMMWV, albeit without an engine. After a 12-year hiatus from the civilian vehicle market, AM General is reportedly set to offer ...

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    Report: 1959 Vespa ACMA is the ultimate road-rage vehicle

    If you've never laid eyes on a Vespa ACMA, allow us to introduce you. Manufactured for use in World War II, the scooter came equipped with a small cannon designed to launch rocket-propelled grenades. Soldiers found an advantageous firing position, deployed stabilizers, plucked a grenade from a ...

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    Report: U.S. Army wonders what to do with its 20,000 mine-resistant trucks

    The venerable HMMWV served the United States military as the go-to vehicle for 25 solid years. Before that, various militarized Jeep models had been pressed into service since 1941, when the army first identified the need for a lightweight, all-terrain vehicle capable of carrying a few troops and ...

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    Study: Returning soldiers have trouble with road rules at home

    Life can be tough for any soldier returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Post traumatic stress disorder must make everyday tasks hell to deal with. Not the least of which is re-adjusting to normal everyday road rules again. In Iraq, the goal of the morning commute is to reach the destination ...