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    Video: Alfa Romeo challenges superbike to see who's best on two wheels

    As the official safety car of the World Superbike motorcycle racing series, it's a little odd that Alfa Romeo decided to publicize its Mito SBK by performing what appears to be a rather dangerous stunt. Odd... but awesome. Officially known as the limited edition Alfa MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde SBK, ...

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    Study: "Camaros eat Mustangs:" The origins of car names

    As a car manufacturer, you have spent literally thousands of person-hours engineering a vehicle that is not quite entirely dreamy nor utterly practical, but some magical balance of the two that should sell by the trainload. Small problem: the folks in marketing have decided to name the car the ...

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    Video: Alfa Romeo Mito pops 2,500 water balloons to set world record

    Alfa Romeo test driver Terry Grant has picked up a few records in his day. The hot shoe has picked up a total of 19 world records during his time behind the wheel, and now he can add one more: Grant has taken to the Alfa Romeo Mito to become the man to pop the most water balloons using a vehicle. ...

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    Exec confirms Alfa Romeo North American comeback delayed

    Back in April, there were rumblings that Alfa Romeo's triumphant return to North America was pushed from Fall 2012 to sometime in 2013. Back then, the issues were related to styling, but now it looks like the European debt crisis may have more to do with the delays. Automotive News reports that ...

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    Alfa Romeo streamlines the MiTo range with new engines, trim

    Ordering a new Alfa Romeo is a daunting task. Or at least, so we've come to understand. In the UK alone, the MiTo hatchback was available in no fewer than 17 different versions. Which you might expect of, say, a pickup truck with a choice of cabin sizes, bed lengths and drivetrain ...