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    Official: Bill Ford Jr. brings oldest surviving Ford back into family fold

    We're quickly approaching the 150th anniversary of Henry Ford's birth, and the company he founded is celebrating in a number of ways. Great-grandson Bill Ford Jr. did his part by purchasing the oldest known Ford vehicle, a 1903 Model A, and returning it to its birthplace. While the Model A was ...

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    Report: Oldest remaining Ford is up for sale... yet again

    For the third time in five years, the oldest known surviving Ford is for sale. The red, meticulously restored, 1903 Ford Model A is one of Ford Motor Company's first three cars ever produced and over the past 109 years, has had only five owners. You could be the sixth owner at the RM auction in ...

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    Pilfered 1930 Ford Model A recovered

    Dearborn Police have been able to give the owner of a stolen 1930 Ford Model A some very good news. His antique car and trailer have been recovered after having been swiped from the parking lot of the Henry Ford Museum a little more than two weeks ago. Neither the roadster nor the trailer, valued ...

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    Video: Vintage rat rod vs. Lamborghini Aventador in desert duel

    Impracticality comes in many shapes and sizes, and that's as true in automotive terms as it is anywhere else. Consider this: Depending on a series of lifestyle choices, a Honda Civic could prove just as useless for one man as a Ford F450 Super Duty would for another. If there's one segment of ...

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    Study: Car History - May 26: 15-millionth Ford Model T rolls off the line

    Way back on this day in 1927, Ford's iconic Model T reached the end of its production on the assembly line. Henry Ford marked the occasion with the car you see above. The fifteen-millionth Ford Model T, and indeed, the 15-millionth ford, because unlike today, that's the only model they were ...

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    Featured: Calgary farmer donates 100 vintage cars to local college

    Every now and then we hear stories of car collections that have been left abandoned in some dusty old building when the guy who collected them passed away. While the element of mystery brings a bit of romanticism to these tales, the reality is that often the real stories behind the cars have been ...

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    This Day in History: Ford Model A goes on sale

    The Ford Model A doesn't get the historical respect of its 15-million-unit predecessor, the Model T, nor is it as beloved as the 1932 Ford V8 which followed. But when the Model A went on sale on December 2, 1927, it was an important transitional model for Ford. Following the unparalleled success ...