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motorcycle crash

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    Video: Google street view captures shocking motorcycle crash in Brazil

    #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-532931{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-532931, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-532931{width:630px;height:444px;display:block;} You never really know what Google Street View cameras will catch, especially after ...

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    Report: Biker in Scotland liable for accident involving motorcycle he sold

    A man in Scotland could be saddled with thousands of dollars in bills caused by a motorcycle crash that he had nothing to do with. The tragic incident occurred when Paul Duffy sold his bike, and the new owner was in a fatal accident on it a few days later. However, the rider didn't have any ...

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    Video: Lucky biker walks away from crazy cartwheel motorcycle crash

    While we've seen bikers survive some pretty outrageous and scary motorcycle crashes before, this shocking crash video caught on camera in Clearwater, FL is simply unbelievable. We're not sure how, but this lucky biker manages to walk away seemingly unharmed from what should have been a horrific ...

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    Video: Watch this British motorcyclist tumble down a 40-foot hill

    The image above is a frame from English motorcyclist Jack Sanderson's helmet cam. After a bit of impatience while riding a seven-mile (11 km) stretch of the A537 called Cat and Fiddle, 21-year-old Sanderson learned why it's one of the most dangerous roads in all of Europe. He took a corner too ...

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    Video: Dangerous lane splitting stunt gives motorcyclist near death experience

    Dangerous driving often leads to deadly disaster, just ask this lane-splitting biker who luckily survived having his motorcycle crushed right from under him. It's hard to believe the reckless rider escaped with his life and limbs still intact, as he fails to squeeze his way between a BMW X6 and a ...

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    Video: Girl smashes two-stroke bike into the back of a trailer at full throttle

    As both riders and drivers here at Autoblog Canada, we love to see new riders getting into the sport. That being said, there's the right way of doing things and there's the wrong way to do things (like this guy who suddenly crashed his Ducati). This video of a new rider getting on a two-stoke ...

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    Video: Crashing biker doesn't brake, doesn't turn and doesn't wear a helmet?!

    If we've learned anything from videos like this Rambo wannabe crashing in front of a crowd and this lucky rider surviving deadly disaster, it's that motorcycles (especially when in the wrong hands) can quickly turn into very dangerous things. Get ready to watch the latest motorcycle riding rookie ...

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    Breaking: Range Rover runs over angry pack of bikers in New York City road rage

    We've all seen packs of bikers filling urban streets and know it's best practice to give them substantial space. When surrounded by a gang of motorcycles, be sure to migrate to a free lane at your first opportunity. In this video we uncovered on the Henry Hudson Parkway near the Bronx borough of ...

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    Video: Outta control car crash knocks 13 motorcycles down like dominoes

    We've seen some crazy car crashes before, (like the $700,000 worth of damage done at a Texas Hyundai dealership), but this unlucky driver in Brazil left a trail of dominoe-like destruction sure to upset over a dozen bikers parked on the street. After destroying 13 motorbikes and hitting another ...

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    Video: Crazy motorcycle rider speeds through traffic in Brazil, calling out other drivers

    We recently reported on three Canadian cities being listed as the top 5 worst places for traffic in North America, but what about the global gridlock drivers experience in other countries like Brazil? Well, according to this video footage at least one brave, but reckless Brazillian motorcycle ...