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    Video: Speeding biker crashes into black bear on British Columbia highway

    After watching a motorcycle rider battle it out with an aggressive ram on a mountain pass and the recent story of a biker being chased by angry Grey wolf, it seems the animal kingdom has developed a strong taste towards dueling with motorcycle riders everywhere. This video captures a sudden ...

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    Video: Angry Russian motorcyclist has an axe to grind with Nissan Juke

    Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: We don't know if the video you're about to watch really took place in the wild or if it were staged. That said, this appears to be one of the most alarming bits of road rage we've ever seen captured on video. Let's set the scene. A motorcyclist is ...

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    Video: Motorcycle rider nearly killed by FJ Cruiser while carving blind corner

    Motorcycles, cars, kitchen knives and... dare we say guns, are only as dangerous as the person using them. A meat cleaver in the hands of a deranged five year old is as dangerous and potentially as lethal as say, a Toyota in the hands of an adult (well in this video anyway). Don't believe us? ...

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    Video: Speeding motorcycle nearly crashes into serious farm equipment

    Ah, nothing like the thrilling twist of the throttle on an open stretch of road... that is until a massive and unexpected farming shredder machine pops up in your path! This close-call video certainly proves that you never know what's waiting around the corner (and behind the tall grass in this ...

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    Video: Styrofoam takes out multiple motorcycles on highway

    A group of motorcyclists encountered one hell of a rough ride on this Texas highway, all of which was captured thanks to the magic of helmet cam. This time, however, it doesn't involve the authorities and more than just the riders' pride was hurt. According to one of the bikers on the weekly ...

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    Report: Foul golf ball knocks out motorcyclist's teeth!

    Motorcycling has its hazards. Otherwise inoffensive everyday objects from small stones to birds and cut grass can turn your day from a pleasant ride in the countryside to a quick skid across the pavement. Just ask an unnamed husband and wife who were recently cruising along in Tennessee. The ...

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    Video: Vancouver motorcyclist's 300 km/h ride in traffic gets police attention

    In the pantheon of bad ideas and even worse ideas, capturing yourself on video gratuitously breaking the law and later flaunting your indiscretions to the local constabulary ranks right between sticking your face into a diesel truck's tailpipe and standing atop a motorcycle shooting off a gun on ...

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    Video: Pickup driver tries to run motorcyclist off the road

    What's worse than a sportbike-mounted motorcyclist passing a slower-moving vehicle in an area where there are double-yellow lines, indicating that passing is not prohibited? The answer, as you'll see in the rather shocking video pasted after the break, is retaliation from the driver being ...