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mulholland drive

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    Video: Watch a trio of Santas ride up Mulholland Drive

    Santa Claus might have his eight reindeer – or nine, when it's foggy – to help him deliver presents in most parts of the world, but in southern California, it looks like he's traded up from Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and company to BMW, Yamaha and Ducati. RNickeyMouse is usually the ...

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    Video: Terrifying Mulholland motorcycle crash nearly kills cyclists

    Now for a lesson in target fixation. As we're sure most of you know, your vehicle tends to go where your eyes go, and that's doubly true for motorcycles. Lock eyes with something you don't want to hit and invariably, that's precisely what you'll do. One rider in California recently found that out ...

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    Video: Sidecar acrobatics up Mulholland are the definition of insane

    From what we've been told, riding a motorcycle with a sidecar is a unique experience requiring massive amounts of upper body effort. With three wheels instead of two, riders can't use the textbook press-and-lean method to negotiate turns. This rider apparently missed that memo. While tackling the ...

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    Video: Gixxer rider flips out on Mulholland Drive

    Put a windy, mountainous road near a city and you will have an unofficial race track. Put an epic road near a huge centre of car culture like LA and that track will become legendary. Of course LA has an equally healthy motorcycle culture and riders need a place to play just as much as us car ...