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    Video: Vaughn Gittin Jr. proves the 2015 Ford Mustang is all smoke, no joke!

    Pro drifter and self-confessed "hoonigan" Vaughn Gittin Jr. is certainly no stranger when it comes to the Ford Mustang and getting things sideways. As the 2014 Formula Drift season wrapped up at Irwindale this weekend, Vaughn Gittin Jr. (along with his trusty Monster-clad Mustang drift car) ...

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    First Drive: 2015 Ford Mustang GT [w/video]

    At 50 years old, the object of fantasies, a tuner's dream, a movie star and more than nine million strong, it couldn't be truer to say that the Ford Mustang needs no introduction. This newest 2015 Mustang, however – making the biggest changes we've seen to the pony car since perhaps 1964.5 ...

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    Breaking: 2015 Ford Mustang specs revealed, GT to pack 435 HP

    The 2015 Ford Mustang sounds great so far – at least on paper. Ford has just announced specs for the latest version of the iconic pony car in Dearborn, telling Autoblog that it will pump out as much as 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque from its 5.0-litre V8. Those gaudy figures ...

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    Featured: Ford Canada celebrates its Mustang turning 50 in Toronto

    Normally, getting invited to a friend's 50th birthday party isn't anything too exciting (READ: lame), but when that "friend" just so happens to be the iconic Ford Mustang, chances are it's a party you won't wanna miss. But when it comes to birthday gifts, what do you get the car that's got ...

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    Video: This 2,000-hp Mustang is in serious need of wheelie bars

    The Ford Mustang on the right is drag racing with the standard technique. The Mustang on the left, driven by David Measell, is using a new "rear bumper only" technique that evidently surprised everyone at the South Georgia Motorsports Park strip – including Measell. Measell said his outfit ...

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    Breaking: 2015 Ford Mustang leaked in Autoweek

    We would have to imagine that Ford knew it couldn't keep its 2015 Mustang under wraps for too long, and with only days to go before the pony car's official unveiling, the dam seems to be cracking. member Screamin 40th just posted some images taken of the sixth-gen Mustang ...

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    Video: The most affordable muscle cars experts say you must buy right now

    If you could have any muscle car (of any era) what would it be? As go-fast gearheads here at Autoblog Canada, we spend a lot of time thinking about the long list of dream cars we'd all love to own one day. But saving up the necessary cash to create a big money muscle car fund tends to be the ...

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    Canada: Woody's Pub Show and Shine brings out Classics, Muscle Cars, and Lowriders

    As we mentioned in last week's events list update, there was a lot going on on the west coast this past Sunday, and the 7th annual Woody's Pub Show and Shine was by far the hottest place to be, both literally and figuratively. The Coquitlam BC pub has always put on a good show, and with the help ...

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    Video: Ford Mustang GT destroyed by Oklahoma EF5 Tornado fires up to do mega burn-out [w/video]

    Attention all storm chasers: time to trade in your Humvee, dump that modified Brinks Truck and sell your custom Line-X Dominator. Based on the video below, there is clearly only one everyday vehicle capable of surviving the world's baddest tornadoes: the Ford Mustang GT. After being ripped apart ...

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    Exclusive: DaSilva Racing track day invades Toronto Motorsports Park

    DaSilva Racing has always been synonymous with fast Ford's especially when it comes to Mustangs in particular. Joe DaSilva was the former 2009 crown holder in the venerable, yet, now extinct NMRA Pro 5.0 series and is considered the authority in Mustang performance, building and tuning. So with ...