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    Video: Mythbusters tests which is more efficient, four-way stop or roundabout [w/poll]

    In North America, the four-way-stop intersection is king, with little competition from roundabouts. In Europe, things are reversed, and the roundabout is much more common than four-way-stop intersections. While it has been said before that the roundabout is a more efficient way to handle traffic ...

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    Video: Mythbusters tests the square wheel theory

    The Mythbusters have finally tackled the long-unanswered question, "Why don't cars have square wheels?" What's that? You've never wondered why? Neither have we, because it's freaking obvious. But equally obvious is how awesome it would be to test out a square-wheeled vehicle anyway, which is ...

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    Video: Mythbusters test the lumber-hauling prowess of a Jetta

    Remember the old saw about German cars being "over-built?" Well, if this doesn't lend it some credence, nothing will. MythBusters decided to try its hand at debunking the decade-old "Lumber Car" photo. You know you've seen it at least a dozen times by now – the Volkswagen Jettta with the ...

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    Mythbusters answers which is greener, cars or motorcycles?

    Using portable emissions equipment, a wide sampling of cars and bikes from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s and with the help of Dr. Kent Johnson of UC Riverside, the Mythbusters team claims they proved motorcycles are dirtier than cars. Doing so meant gathering data in real-world driving conditions ...

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    Road Myths: Physics of a head-on collision

    Shaun de Jager, Founder of speaks out about road safety and road related issues. The myth is that if two cars travelling at the same speed, say 50km/hr and collide head-on, the effect and damage is the same as one car colliding with a solid, immovable object at 100km/hr. I've ...