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national highway traffic safety administration

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    Recalls: Honda, Mazda, Nissan Recall 3 Million Cars Over Potentially Explosive Airbags

    UPDATE: Honda, Mazda and Nissan have all issued statements about the airbag issue, which you can now find below. Interestingly, only Honda is actually using the word "recall" in its statement, with Nissan calling it a "field action" (like Chrysler), and Mazda referring to it as a "special service ...

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    Video: Shocking distracted driving ad is a brutal wake up call

    It used to be that most of the car-related public service announcements on TV focused on preventing drunk driving and getting people to buckle their seatbelts, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched grisly new ads combatting distracted drivers with the slogan "U ...

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    Video: Robocop enlisted to help curb drunk driving during the holidays

    When eggnog and Christmas cheer get the best of you this season, driving is the last thing you should do, and it has enlisted the mercenary services of Robocop to remind you. In a pretty cool multi-million dollar ad campaign, at least. These anti-drunk driving commercials are part of "Drive ...

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    Report: Airbag recalls on track for record year

    The escalating complexity of automobiles is led in part by the escalating complexity of safety systems. The once dumb airbag that lived all alone inside the steering wheel, for instance, is now a family of smart airbags that might be able to detect the location of the passenger they're meant to ...

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    Official: New voluntary guidelines set to combat distracted driving

    In its continuing battle against distracted driving, the US-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued voluntary guidelines covering the use of in-car infotainment and communication devices in the United States. It is NHTSA's intention that the proposals, which have been in ...

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    Featured: Senior citizen crash test ratings for cars under consideration

    When elderly drivers get into a car wreck, their bodies behave differently and are more likely to be injured. As part of its ongoing effort to make vehicles as safe as possible, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reportedly looking into creating a new crash-test rating ...

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    Recalls: Hyundai Veloster shattering sunroof recalls 6,071 more cars

    Back in December, Hyundai issued a recall affecting some 13,500 Veloster hatchbacks because their optional panoramic sunroofs could possibly shatter while the vehicle is in motion. Now, an expansion of that recall has been announced, with an additional 6,071 units of the 2012 model year hatchback ...

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    Recalls: 2003-04 Dodge Viper recalled for dangerous airbag deployment

    As if driving the old Dodge Viper (not the fancy new SRT model) isn't intimidating or dangerous enough, imagine trying to wrangle that V10 beast and then suddenly having the airbags deploy. Yikes! That's apparently what could happen to some 3,660 Viper models from the 2003 and 2004 model years, ...

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    Report: How social media is changing the way car defects and complaints are discovered

    Social media can allow direct and faster access to a person, a group or discussion of an issue, and that has led to wide ranging players in the automotive world figuring out how to use it in order to improve performance. Dealers encourage customers to use sites like Google+ and ...

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    Report: NHTSA mulling adding small-overlap and angled crash tests

    For the sake of safer cars, it sounds like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could be moving to create stricter crash tests that are similar to (and potentially even more rigorous) than what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently instituted. In an interview with ...