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national insurance crime bureau

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    Video: How to spot a staged car accident scam

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    Study: Top 5 most stolen motorcycles of the year

    It comes as no surprise that Honda's Civic continues to be an annual favourite target among car thieves, but as it turns out, most criminals prefer to steal the company's motorcycles too! Out of the 46,061 two-wheelers stolen in 2012, 9,082 of them wore a Honda badge. While that may spell bad ...

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    Study: Top 10 most stolen sports cars led by popular Camaro, Mustang and Challenger

    Of all the rivalry and bragging rights we hear exchanged between Camaro, Mustang and Challenger owners, there is one category that most owners probably don't want to be tops in: theft. The National Insurance Crime Bureau just released a top 10 list of the most stolen performance cars and all ...

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    Study: Car thieves avoiding Toyota Prius

    The National Insurance Crime Bureau has taken a closer look at how often car thieves target the Toyota Prius. As it turns out, the most popular hybrid on North American roads has a very low theft rate, and when it does get stolen, law enforcement are quick to return the machine to its rightful ...

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    Top ten stolen vehicles of 2009

    It's that time of year again. The U.S.-based National Insurance Crime Bureau has just released its top 10 stolen vehicles from 2009, and once again, the most stolen vehicle in the U.S. continues to be the 1994 Honda Accord. In fact, all but three vehicles retained the same slots on the list as ...