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nissan micra

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    Report: Cheapest new car in Canada killing off the Nissan Versa sedan

    Last week we found out the $9,998 base price of 2014 Nissan Micra officially made it the cheapest new car in Canada, but where does that leave things with the previous year's title holder, the now suddenly more expensive sounding $11,898 Nissan Versa Sedan?! Although there's plenty of space up ...

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    Official: 2014 Nissan Micra headed for Canadian showrooms only after Montreal reveal?

    What is the cheapest new car in Canada for 2014? Well, fresh off news that Mitsubishi is bringing a budget minded sedan version of its Mirage, called the G4, to this month's Montreal Auto Show, we now believe that another small car will be debuting at the same time. Word is that Nissan will be ...

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    Rumormill: Nissan New Micra being considered for Canadian market

    While most consumers are well aware of the pricing differences between new cars sold in Canada versus what they sell for in the United States, a new story from AutoGuide is triggering new speculation that Nissan may be about to bring its New Micra to Canada only. According to a dealer-based ...

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    Official: Renault introduces new Pulse hatchback for India

    While Renault's RS27 engine was powering Sebastian Vettel's RB7 to yet another victory at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix, Renault was also unveiling a new dedicated vehicle for the Indian market. Called the Pulse, the subcompact hatchback is built upon the same platform as the Nissan ...