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petersen automotive museum

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    Auctions: Shelby Cobra, Mercedes 300SL and 1947 Woodie from Petersen Museum headed to auction

    The changes happening at the Petersen Museum have been making the rounds in major press, but it probably won't be until August 18, during Pebble Beach, when we get the full story on what's happening; that's where and when museum reps plan on announcing the way forward for the SoCal institution. ...

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    Exclusive: Overwhelming popularity pursuades Petersen Museum to extend vault tours [pic intensive]

    As a jaded automotive journalist, exposed to some of the world's finest automotive machinery on a regular basis, it takes something extraordinary to raise my pulse. Yet here I was, standing in the chilly underground vault of the famed Petersen Automotive Museum, and I was getting choked up. Last ...

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    Official: Petersen Automotive Museum open its vault to public for first time

    Two years ago we went to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles to meet one of the original Black Beauty Chrysler Imperials from The Green Hornet television show. When the work was done, we were asked if we wanted a tour of the underground vault, to which we of course consented. We were ...

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    Featured: Incredibly awesome pedal cars going up for auction

    For car guys, pedal cars have an allure that survives long past the days when our short, stubby legs provided all the horsepower we needed. Which explains why people with the means have no problem paying as much as $12,000 for a hot-rodded, pedal-powered roadster. Take for instance the group ...

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    Video: Shelby fans around the globe give tribute with "moment of noise"

    At 6:55PM PST on Wednesday, engines across the world were revved in unison to honour the late Carroll Shelby, who passed away last Thursday at the age of 89. The raucous tribute was organized by the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, which followed up the synchronized salute of RPMs with ...

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    Breaking: Petersen Museum secures $100,000,000 donation

    Every year, more than 150,000 folks stroll through the halls of the Petersen Automotive Museum. The crowds have been coming to the Los Angles auto-institution since 1994, when the doors were first opened. And it looks like those doors will remain open for many years to come thanks to a very ...