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    Featured: Most common excuses for speeding according to police

    With Toronto officially called out as the worst city in North America for speed traps, we gladly the brought you the best ways to avoid speeding tickets and even shared the best ways to talk your way out of a ticket. But when all else fails, what other excuses have you tried to use in order to ...

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    Report: Ford Explorer is the most popular new police car

    There is a new police vehicle that you should keep an eye out for when you're going a little too fast down the Interstate. Ford's Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility was the bestselling new law enforcement model in the country last year, and signs show that won't be changing anytime ...

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    Video: Policeman barely missed by flying car

    Sometimes in life we just get lucky, and that is exactly what two Iowa police are experiencing after narrowly escaping a pickup truck that careened off the road. The whole incident was caught on one of the officer's dashboard-mounted cameras. According to ABC News, the crash happened on March 17 ...

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    Report: 2 dead, 23 injured after car crashes into SXSW festival crowd [w/video]

    Two people are dead and 23 injured after a suspected drunk driver, attempting to evade police, barreled through a barricade and crashed into a crowd at Austin's South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival. The incident happened around 12:30AM last night on Red River Street, just a few blocks from ...

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    Video: Officer who gave fellow cop 190 km/h ticket now suing over police harassment

    Way back in 2011, we told you about the story of Faustio Lopez and Donna Jane Watts, two Florida police officers who made national headlines over concerns of police abuse of power. According to reports, Lopez, a Miami Police officer, was late for an off-duty job. While in full uniform, he ran his ...

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    Video: Police car pulled out of snow by tuner in lowered Subaru WRX

    Getting stuck in the snow can be extremely frustrating; even more so when you're in a RWD marked police car on a residential side street. Most of the time, if getting stuck like this happens, either a tow truck or a pack of car pushing minions is required to pull you free. Fortunately for this ...

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    Featured: Surprising charges you could face for talking back to a police officer

    After learning the best ways to avoid speeding tickets and finding out how to talk your way out of a ticket, you might be shocked to learn there are a number of surprising violations you should beware of that Ontario police officers could charge you with (under the Highway Traffic Act) in ...

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    Video: Motorist loses his licence for a year for driving with no hands

    There are (few) appropriate times for shouting "Look Ma, no hands!" Driving a car is not one of those times. Yet that didn't stop a man from North Yorkshire, England from driving, evidently relaxed, with his hands behind his head. Richard Newton, 36, was caught traveling between 96 and 101 km/h ...

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    Official: McLaren MP4-12C joins Dubai police force

    If there's one country in the world that can afford to buy exotic supercars, what would it be? If you answered Dubai, you are correct, habibi. Because that Gulf emirate has been buying up some of the highest of high-performance machinery to patrol its streets and sand-swept highways. The Dubai ...

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    Featured: The 50 strangest driving laws from around the world

    While we've covered some bizarre driving topics before (including the 25 strangest car crashes and top 10 strangest cars ever made), nothing can compare to this lengthy list of the 50 most ridiculous and insane driving laws from around the world! While many rules of the road are put in place to ...