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    Video: Handcuffed woman steals police car for 160km/h joyride

    The nine-minute dashcam video above shows a handcuffed woman's mad dash from police in one of their own squad cars. Roxanne Rimer had been arrested under suspicion of shoplifting when she climbed through the partition that divided the back and front seats. Somehow, she got the car into gear and ...

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    Featured: 8 things you learn while driving a cop car [w/videos]

    Notes From A Week With The 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit Let me start off with the obvious: it is absolutely illegal to impersonate a police officer. And now that that's out of the way, I'd just like to say that driving a cop car is really, really cool! Here's the background to this story: Dodge ...

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    Report: Dashcam captures police shooting man during traffic stop

    Authorities have released video that appears to show police in Bridgeton, NJ, fatally shooting an unarmed man in December after he exited his car against an officer's orders during a traffic stop. Jerame C. Reid, who was a passenger, got out of the vehicle, a Jaguar, with his hands in the air, ...

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    Video: This cop really likes Taylor Swift

    When the right song comes on, it's hard not to rock out in the car with some head bopping or steering wheel drumming. Of course, most folks don't have a dash cam aimed at them like this police officer in Dover, DE, to record the embarrassment. The cop gets caught doing a full-body performance of ...

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    Report: Police question Maserati owner claiming carjacking at strip club [w/video]

    Some people are willing fabricate some despicable lies to try and stay out of trouble, and that looks like it might be the case in the recent crash of a Maserati in Charlotte, NC. According to WSOC TV, the owner in question told authorities he was carjacked at gunpoint for his Maserati ...

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    Report: Crash victim found still inside car 6 hours after it was towed away [w/video]

    Police near Dayton, OH, have quite a confusing case on their hands after the victim of a crash early on New Year's Day couldn't initially be found. Six hours later, the man was discovered lying on the vehicle's floorboard at the tow yard. The unidentified person was admitted to a local hospital ...

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    Video: Women fight off-duty police officer after alleged fender bender

    A not-safe-for-work video has emerged of a rather serious altercation between an off-duty officer for the San Jose Police Department and a pair of local women, as police forces across the country face increased scrutiny over allegations of excessive force. In this particular case, the women ...

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    Report: NASCAR driver Tyler Walker pleads guilty following three-state police chase

    Anyone who knows anything about racing will be able to tell you that NASCAR traces its roots to moonshine bootleggers who needed fast cars to outrun law enforcement while trafficking their illicit intoxicants. The thing is, those days are long behind NASCAR, but someone forgot to tell that to ...

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    Followup: 20 stolen Red Bull Racing trophies recovered from lake

    When is someone happy? When he loses something and finds it again. If that old Yiddish proverb is anything to go by, the guys at Red Bull Racing must be at least a little happy right now, because they've recovered some of the trophies that were stolen from the team's headquarters earlier this ...

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    Report: 11-year-old girl steals $10,000 and pays cabbie $1,300 to drive her 15 hours to meet Florida boy

    An 11-year-old girl from Arkansas is back at home after reportedly stealing $10,000 from her grandmother and taking a long-distance $1,300 cab ride to meet a boy in Florida. Catching her wasn't too difficult, though. After her parents reported the girl missing, police found calls to the boy and ...