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porsche 917

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    Video: 'Faster. Farther.' dives into the history of Porsche racing tech

    No doubt, Porsche has produced some of the best endurance racecars around, such as the turbocharged, slant-nose 935 of the 1970s and the ground-effects-enhanced 956 and 962 of the 1980s. But the company's most famous racecar, its first overall winner at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, was the 917. The ...

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    Video: Preparing for Le Mans 2014 Porsche remembers 1971 and the 917 [w/video]

    Porsche has given us another look back at its successes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This time it's 1971, the year that its 917 set records that haven't all been eclipsed. It's 45-kilogram magnesium tube frame was the lightest, Jackie Oliver set the fastest in-race lap with a time that still ...

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    Video: Porsche flaunts return to 2014 LeMans with 917 tribute video

    2014 holds much in store for Porsche fans. Under the command of Hartmut Kristen, Porsche motorsport chief, the German marque will once again contest sports car racing as a full-on factory team. Porsche will attack the front of the endurance field in the LMP1 prototype class, building a new ...

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    New York: 1970 Porsche 917/LH makes rare trip from Porsche Museum to New York

    There have been a number of iconic racing liveries over the course of history – JPS and Gulf spring immediately to mind – and every historic racing fan has his or her favourite. But few are as downright awesome as Martini. The Italian vermouth label has sponsored everything from ...

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    Featured: Historic Porsche collection going up for auction at Amelia Island

    Classic car aficionados are currently making arrangements to be in Northeast Florida for the second week of March for the Amelia Island Concours, but not everyone will be headed to Florida just to see cars. Plenty of collectors come to the annual event with cash burning in their pockets, and the ...

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    Amazing mod Egg chairs in your favourite classic racecar liveries

    These days, you only have an Egg chair in your office if you're an evil genius or confused enough to think it's still 1962. The clever artists at Racing and Emotion Design are out to change all that, though. The company has taken it upon themselves to slather the spherical seating in some of the ...

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    Featured: Rennsport Reunion IV: 350 Porsches take to the track

    Porsche has a longer history of racing – and winning – at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca than perhaps any other car company. At the legendary track's very first race in October of 1957, a Porsche 550 RS Spyder took the overall win of the SCCA National Laguna Seca Championship. Since then, ...