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power wagon

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    Official: Four Wheeler crowns Ultimate Factory 4x4... who wins?

    Nearly every automaker doing business in the SUV or pickup truck segments offers a package designed to improve the off-road capabilities of its wares. But, of course, not all such factory kits are created equal. How, then, to separate the wheat from the chaff? Gather each of them up and put them ...

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    Featured: Legacy Power Wagon Conversion is three tons of vintage American iron

    There's a soft spot in our hearts for well-done resuscitation of vintage off-road iron. Perhaps the most notable company performing such restomod work is Icon 4x4, but the Californian outfit isn't the only company turning its attention to the down-and-dirty side of the vintage scene. Legacy ...

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    Video: holds Ultimate 4x4 Challenge

    The crew at has busy lately. In addition to wrapping up their global pickup shootout in Australia, the site also took the time to pit four factory off-road kings against each other. After extending invitations to every manufacturer to send out their most capable pickup, the ...

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    Ram shows off 1500 Mossy Oak Edition and Power Wagon Laramie

    Ram continues to flesh out the company's product line with a few new pickup variants. Next year will see the Power Wagon line grow with the addition of ST and Laramie trim levels for the first time. ST guise is meant more for companies and government agencies that may require a pickup capable of ...

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    Review: 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon Road and Trail Test

    Ultimate 4x4 Pickup Truck Reinvented Fortunately we don't have to think way back to the '70s to remember the Power Wagon anymore. That truck was considered one of the industry's best off-road offerings, a heavy duty hauler that enjoyed a history dating back to 1946 when the first Power Wagon ...