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    Video: Mercedes revisits the glory of the Silver Arrows

    Mercedes-Benz has a long and very storied racing history, dating back to the dawn of the automobile. Naturally, we take every opportunity available to explore that history, which is why this clip is so interesting. It's from a video called "Magical Moments" that Mercedes puts out through its ...

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    Canada: Stars 'n' Cars show 2013 offers classics, musclecars and oddballs galore

    When the summer is at full throttle, there is no shortage of car shows, races and events to attend. In fact, we've compiled an Autoblog Canada must-see list of what is happening across the country as promoters try and cram it all into seven months of nice weather in Canada. The Stars 'n' Cars ...

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    Video: Intense supercar collection with exotics and racecars is largest in USA

    Ever wish the dream garage of epic cars you've collected in GranTurismo or Forza video games could come to life? Well, this undisclosed money banking millionaire seems to have made that happen by building quite possibly the most incredible car collection we've ever had the pleasure of drooling ...

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    Featured: Travis Pastrana's Subaru WRX STI Rally America racecar goes up for sale

    Have you ever had a great drive on a challenging road or track, and after parking your machine stood back to admire it and savour the moment - eying the worn rubber, fiery exhaust tips, and listening to the peacefully ticking engine? We love that moment, when you contemplate the sheer awesomeness ...

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    Video: 91 year old woman takes 290 km/h Indy car ride, proves racing has no age limit

    91-year-old Carolyn Gaugh has a need for speed that transcends senior citizen stereotypes. Never mind 'slow and steady wins the race' - Gaugh is all about flat-out, adrenaline-pumping terminal velocity. Last summer she donned a fire suit and helmet before clipping up her five-point harness in an ...

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    Featured: All-new Porsche 911 RSR GTE racecar nearly ready to take on the world

    The world's most successful race car is at it again - this time in seventh-generation guise. The all-new Porsche 911 street car was designed to be the fastest 911 yet - and many of its design features will also benefit the 911 race cars based upon its basic structure. We had the opportunity to ...

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    Video: Nissan Skyline GT-R Calsonic race car driven by media for first time ever

    You are looking at one very special Nissan Skyline GT-R. The Calsonic Skyline GT-R was one of several GT-Rs that absolutely dominated touring car racing across the Pacific in the early 1990's. Skyline GT-Rs dominated everything else in the field solidifying thier cult status around the world, ...

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    Video: Classic Mercedes-Benz 280D gets crazy with blown small block Chevy

    We've all seen and heard about classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles that simply refuse to die, as these tough yet smooth sedans were built to last and have spawned a cult-like following around the world. If you are a Mercedes fan who thinks you've seen it all... prepare to be shocked by this Benz from ...

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    Video: SRT Viper GTS-R completes first track test [w/video]

    This week, the new SRT Viper GTS-R hit the racetrack for the very first time at Carolina Motorsports Park, in the wake of its surprise unveiling at the New York Auto Show in April. According to the SRT Motorsports team in attendance, the shakedown run was an overwhelming success with the car ...

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    Featured: BMW South Africa shows off first F30-based 3 Series racer

    The BMW 3 Series and racing go together like slicks and dry asphalt, so it's no surprise that the world now has its first competition-prepped version of the new F30. According to BMWBlog, BMW South Africa has partnered up with ADF Motorsport to create the 335i racer you see above. The sedan is ...