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    Video: Most refreshing take yet on SRT Viper VS. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

    There's nothing wrong with a good rivalry and the always popular Viper VS. Corvette feud is one battle we continue to watch closely unfold with high interest and intrigue. These two American-built juggernauts have enjoyed a long-standing sports car rivalry with one another, as enthusiasts (and ...

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    Video: Renault sets up full-scale Scalextric track in downtown London [w/poll]

    Racing fans in the UK have been clamoring for the British Grand Prix to move from Silverstone into London proper for years, and that's almost what they'll get in June 2015 when the nascent Formula E series will race around their streets. It'll essentially amount to a full-scale Scalextric track, ...

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    Video: When a Bugatti Veyron drag races against a Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra, we all win

    Want to watch two of the fastest production automobiles in the world line up on an open runway to race? Want to see it happen a whole bunch of times? We thought so. Featuring the well-known Bugatti Veyron in one lane and the less-well-known but just as impressive Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra ...

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    Video: Watch two championship-winning DTM cars from BMW go head-to-head

    BMW recently had a little fun with two of the company's past DTM champions. Roberto Ravaglia and Bruno Spengler, winners of the 1989 and 2012 championships, respectively, both showed up at the world-famous Hockenheimring with their title-winning cars. The two swapped seats, with Ravaglia taking ...

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    Video: Watch some crazy uphill sand drag action in the UAE

    At this point, we've all seen videos depicting the insanity of Middle Eastern sand dune climbs. The clips that make their way to the Western world often include some sort of terrifying nose-over-tail tumble from the top, but this latest clip gives us a glimpse at exactly what sort of machine ...

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    Video: Targa Newfoundland video by Vivid Racing showcases their Porsche 997 in action

    The jagged, rocky shoreline and pounding ocean surf renders Newfoundland a pretty spectacular Canadian destination - but the island province becomes a little more enticing for petrol-heads when the annual Targa Newfoundland rolls into town. Several competition classes see a wide variety of cars ...

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    Video: Baja trophy truck battles Mustang Boss 302 and Ford Raptor at Willow Springs

    Have you ever wondered what an 800 horsepower Baja racer would look like ripping up a road course or speeding down a 1/4 mile drag strip? Well, this video by Hot Rod Unlimited is the answer and demonstrates exactly what these hardcore off-road trophy trucks are capable of... on smooth, high-speed ...

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    Video: Place Your Bets: Dodge Challenger SRT8 takes on... an MD500 helicopter?

    Here at Autoblog, obsessively covering the automotive industry sometimes takes us places we'd never have expected. Today is one of those days. In the video pasted below, you'll see a very nice Dodge Challenger SRT8 – modified in some way if the quoted 490 horsepower figure is accurate ...

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    Video: Heffner Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo breaks into 8's

    The Lamborghini Gallardo is certainly no slouch, but it simply wasn't crazy enough for the horsepower hungry maniacs at Heffner Performance. The twin turbo supercar was built by the team ay Heffner Performance and this video is from the first outing for this car... which went very well. This one ...

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    Featured: Exotic Car Shootout at Annual Race the Base Challenge

    Something special is bound to happen anytime a group of high-horsepower exotic cars get together, especially if they meet face-to-face and prepare to battle on an open stretch of runway! That's exactly what happens at the annual Race the Base Challenge, as this charity fundraising event continues ...