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renault twizy

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    Video: Watch Lotus F1 drivers amazing race tear through massive Dubai Mall

    The Lotus Formula One Team has been busy producing several viral videos lately, like the spectacular stunt featuring a giant truck jumping over Lotus F1 race car, but this time around drivers Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado had something else in mind. While the 2014 F1 race season is barely ...

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    Video: Evo takes flight in BMW's sultry i8

    Electric cars and hybrids are here to stay, much to the apparent dismay of some auto enthusiasts, but that doesn't mean they have to represent the death of enjoyable driving. Granted, the initial run of hybrids in North America like the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius weren't exactly tailor-made ...

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    Green: Yes, Virginia, you can drift a 17-horsepower Renault Twizy

    On one side of the Renault Twizy ledger you have a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive "coupe" with instant torque and a RenaultSport-tuned suspension. On the other, you have the equivalent of 17 horsepower. None of those figures would keep Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe from getting to the bottom line, ...

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    Video: Renault plugs Twizy EVs into Eiffel Tower and raves it up

    If you've been slacking on your doctor-recommended dose of electronic rave beats and French weirdness, Renault has you covered. The company has turned out a new video for its Twizy pod car featuring a gaggle of youth prowling Parisian streets in the early hours of the morning. The fleet of ...

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    Video: Artists create amazing "reverse graffiti" car art using pollution and a power washer

    Marc Cameron and Paul "Moose" Curtis, are an artistic twosome that are exceedingly skilled at turning dirt, grime and muck into art. In fact, the pair have teamed up to create our favourite kind of art – the sort that features automobiles as the subject. Starting with a spot on a ...

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    Renault Twizy priced at $9,923* in UK, reservations begin

    Renault announced at the Barcelona Motor Show that it's now accepting online reservations for its pair of electric Twizy models. The Twizy 45 starts at the bargain-basement price of just €6,990 (that's only $9,549 Cdn at today's exchange rate). Of course, at that price, you still need to ...