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right hand drive

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    Report: GM CEO promises RHD Corvette, international operations boss says otherwise

    Affirmation, clarification, smack-down refutation – that was the order of responses when the issue of a right-hand0drive C7 Corvette came up at the Detroit Auto Show. When an Australian news outlet asked General Motors CEO Dan Akerson whether the new Stingray would get an RHD version, he ...

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    Exclusive: Nissan Skyline GT-R now available in U.S. under 'Show or Display' rule

    One of the perks for car guys living here in Canada is our 15 year rule for importing cars not available to this market. If a make or model was never offered here, we are exempt from numerous requirements if the imported car has a build date of at least 15 years ago. The law is well-used by ...

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    Featured: Skymeet 2012 attracts Nissan Skylines from all over Canada

    At Autoblog Canada we always get a chance to see, touch and drive the latest hardware but we always make time to appreciate the classics. The Nissan Skyline was a performance staple in its native Japan for nearly 20 years before the company finally unveiled the GT-R to the world in 2008. For most ...

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    A Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 fit for British Royalty

    Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    By Vernon Clement Jones, Evergeek Media If Will and Kate want to ditch that golden carriage and drive around the kingdom in something a little less British gentry and a little more American Jeep, they'll soon have that ...