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road rage

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    Video: Cartoon mascots punish Russian driver in road rage incident

    We've seen some truly harrowing videos from Russian dashcams, recently. However, none of them rise to the level of weirdness as this latest one. Apparently in Russia, just because you're dressed as a quartet of children's cartoon characters, doesn't make you immune from road rage. The incident ...

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    Video: Things that drive people to road rage the most

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    Video: Man throws rocks at $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador for 'street racing'

    Okay, while we certainly can't condone street racing, we also don't encourage any type of road raging vigilante justice like this rock throwing Lamborghini Aventador incident caught on camera on the streets of Playa Vista, California. We can only speculate on what caused this Lambo to be stoned, ...

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    Study: The most dangerous countries for drivers

    You are over ten times more likely to die of cancer or heart disease than die in an auto accident – at least, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The examination uses World Health Organization data to compare the rates of death by car ...

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    Video: British Columbia road rage erupts into belt slapping street fight

    Road rage continues to be a major problem faced by up to 79% of Canadians according to a recent study, but could it be getting worse? Just ask these two men caught brawling on camera in New Westminster, BC, where a case of road rage suddenly erupted into a dangerous chase scene and belt-whipping ...

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    Featured: Surprising charges you could face for talking back to a police officer

    After learning the best ways to avoid speeding tickets and finding out how to talk your way out of a ticket, you might be shocked to learn there are a number of surprising violations you should beware of that Ontario police officers could charge you with (under the Highway Traffic Act) in ...

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    Video: The most shocking road rage videos of 2013

    As we continue to look back at some of the best and worst moments of 2013, our list just wouldn't be complete without rounding up and counting down the craziest and most shocking road rage videos of the year. From grown men caught childishly brawling in the streets of LA to a frightening ...

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    Video: Why does everyone have Holiday road rage?

    The holiday season often brings out the very best in people, but with the mix of poor driving conditions and more drivers on the road around Christmas, could this otherwise cheerful time of year be a leading cause of holiday road rage? Based on the video report below, aggressive driving spikes ...

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    Featured: Top 10 tips to find a parking spot this holiday season

    With the holiday shopping season now in full swing and nearly everyone getting into the spending spirit, it's officially the toughest time of year to find that perfect parking spot. While the holidays often bring out the best in people, the crowded mall parking lots and super long line-ups can ...

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    Video: Traffic in Mongolia has 4x4 trucks in endless crash, demolition derby

    So you think your commute is bad? Check out this traffic bottleneck in Mongolia! The outrageous video shows several Russian-made SUVs jockey for position on a narrow single lane bridge. Without the assistance of a traffic cop, stop lights or any sort of signage, things get real. The video shows ...