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    Video: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee aces same controversial moose test it failed before [w/video]

    Some background: one of the more scandalous international incidents of he-said/he-said from 2012 was when Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld put the Jeep Grand Cherokee through its "moose (or elk) test" and reported that the SUV nearly rolled over. That lead to a whole lot of accusations and ...

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    Video: Keep calm and crash on? Dashcam captures woman in calmest car roll ever

    If you were driving in the rain on a two-lane highway, caught a tire on the edge of the pavement and flipped your car, what would you do? Let out a yelp, maybe a scream? We would too, but somehow this woman found herself in a barrel roll and remained totally silent; completely composed. After the ...

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    Video: Robby Gordon demonstrates a textbook Stadium Super Truck rollover

    Any time you strap yourself into a race car (or truck, or kart, or... well, anything), you know there's a chance of crashing. And when it's a stadium truck you're piloting, if you don't come perilously close to crashing on every single lap, you're probably not in a position to win. Just ask ...

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    Video: Tow truck driver hilariously bad at righting a flipped Mazda

    Can rolling your car in a crash get any worse? The correct answer is yes, as this poor soul found out when he accidentally rolled his Mazda3 onto its side. Calling a tow truck might be a logical, post-rollover move, but in this case, it kind of made the situation much worse. We don't want to ...

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    Video: Behind the scenes of a car rollover stunt

    With Transformers 4, Fast & Furious 7 and Need for Speed bringing hundreds of millions of dollars of automotive carnage to the Summer of 2014 - and Getaway coming next month - we should probably start learning our car-stunt grammar. We can start with this behind-the-scenes video of a car ...

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    Video: Watch this BMW M3 crash get wet 'n' wild in the rain

    We all know the saying when it rains, it pours. We just didn't expect it would rain and pour pieces of this drifting BMW M3 all over the road. Watch this shocking dash-cam video as the speeding M3 driver loses control and destroys their once powerful BMW by crashing into the wall and rolling over ...

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    Video: Watch a Jeep Grand Cherokee fail Sweden's Moose Test

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee has proven to be a rock-solid off-road-capable SUV with a dose of civility on public roads. But while the top Jeep has a terrific reputation and a long list of accolades, at least one model apparently didn't have the chops for the Teknikens Moose (or Elk) test over in ...

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    Video: Russian dash cam captures the most epic passing fail in history

    Most of us have felt the frustration of being stuck behind slow drivers on single lane highway - we get it. The most common solution is to wait until it's safe to pass and overtake the other vehicle. But wait... what if someone else has the same idea at the exact same time? Well, that's exactly ...

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    Video: This crash is why drag racers should stay on dragstrips

    We've seen some dumb ideas before, but this one may take the cake. The post-jump video shows what happens when a dragster that should stick to the strip goes on a track that requires a mild left turn. Actually, this "track" looks more like the cart path at the local golf course, except most ...

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    Video: Brothers make tribute video for mom who died when Explorer rolled

    It is with mixed emotions that we share this particular video, which stars two young boys who lost their mother, Nicole Miller, in 2004 after the Ford Explorer she was riding in blew a tire and rolled, causing her fatal injuries. A sad story indeed, and we're quite certain everyone involved ...