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    Official: IIHS bestows 2015 Audi A3 with Top Safety Pick+ [w/video]

    There's some good news for Audi today, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named the all-new A3 one of its Top Safety Pick+, the institute's highest award for safety. While there are no shortage of cars that can handle the standard IIHS trial, the tough small overlap test needed to ...

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    Study: The 12 safest car brands of 2014 might surprise you

    Safety is a major consideration when buying any new or used vehicle. Following the recent study on the Top 10 most reliable long lasting cars, this time around the auto experts at have focused on finding out the Top 12 safest new car brands using its vast collection of classifieds to ...

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    Official: Skully AR-1 helmet wins SXSW Accelerator Award [w/video]

    Skully Helmets has been awarded the coveted SXSW Accelerator Award in the Wearable Technology category for its heads-up AR-1 helmet. Skully helmets are designed to provide motorcycle riders with an intelligent heads-up display system, a full 180-degree rear view camera, Bluetooth connectivity, ...

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    Study: Study reveals rearview cameras are safer alone than with parking sensors

    Rearview cameras sound like a good bet if you're concerned about safety, but a new study just published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that their benefits may be limited. Parking sensors, says the study, provided drivers with no more safety protection than using just your ...

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    Video: Self-slapping wipers could take the sting from snowy mornings

    Let's file this one away in the category of "Why didn't I think of that?" A Detroit company called Motor City Wiper has built a set of wiper arms that will smack themselves against the windshield, shaking ice and snow loose (similar to these homemade Russian string-pull wipers). These systems ...

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    Video: Learn how Béla Barényi championed passenger safety with Mercedes-Benz

    You've probably never heard of Béla Barényi, but you've almost certainly been impacted by him in some way, shape or form. The Austro-Hungarian engineer had a huge effect on the automotive industry, most notably during his 33-year tenure as the head of pre-development for ...

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    Report: Finnish spraying reindeer antlers with glow-in-the-dark paint to curb accidents [w/video]

    Drivers throughout North America are familiar with the dangers of deer crossing the road, especially at night. A 2012 report from State Farm Insurance found that there were over 1.23 million deer/vehicle collisions reported in North America alone, and the stakes are even higher for those in areas ...

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    Study: The most dangerous countries for drivers

    You are over ten times more likely to die of cancer or heart disease than die in an auto accident – at least, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The examination uses World Health Organization data to compare the rates of death by car ...

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    Recalls: Graco car seat recall includes 3.8-million toddler and booster seats

    Parents that move their tykes around with the help of a Graco car seat should take note - the company has announced a recall for 3.8-million Graco car seats from model years 2009 to 2013, over concerns that children could become trapped. The problem rests with the harness buckle that latches the ...

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    Official: Subaru updates EyeSight system with colour-detecting cameras

    Subaru is giving its EyeSight driver assistance camera system a major upgrade for the 2015 model year with new colour cameras, as well as reducing its size by 15 per cent over the rather bulky original system. Subaru locates its EyeSight hardware inside the vehicle at the top of the windshield, ...