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    Video: Man Beats Speeding Ticket With Measuring Tape

    Speed camera may have been incorrectly recording speed for years

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    Report: Driver caught speeding in Lamborghini shamed on Twitter by Vancouver Police

    What's the first thing you do when you take delivery of a spanking new Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4? Well, if previous Lamborghini fails in Vancouver have taught us anything, please avoid crashing it and being mocked on Twitter and for god's sake don't hit any pedestrians during a bike ...

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    Report: OPP report reveals worst driving dangers in Ontario

    Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are blaming distracted driving, speeding, impaired driving and failure to buckle up for the majority of road deaths in Ontario this year. The OPP says these are the "Big Four" in terms of contributing factors in 168 of the 216 road deaths investigated by the force ...

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    Report: Jalopnik scribe finds out the hard way why you should never speed in Virginia

    Being an automotive journalist can be a dangerous gig. No, we're not talking about the risk of carpal tunnel from typing for eight to ten hours a day, five to six days a week or the long periods of sitting. Instead, we're referring to what may be more obvious: the cars. For all of our talk and ...

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    Report: Sarah Palin blames speeding ticket on Sammy Hagar

    Rogue or no, Tea Party darling and former Alaskan governor and American vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is still subject to traffic laws. That means when Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55," comes on the radio, she's still expected to keep a moderate pace, and even her celebrity status isn't ...

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    Study: 2015 Hyundai Genesis automatically slows for speed cameras

    Speed cameras are something of a foreign curiosity for many drivers in North America. Sure, there is sporadic use of red light cameras here, but the cams to catch speeders are much more popular in Europe. However, Hyundai might have created a way to end that scourge for our foreign auto ...

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    Report: Paris to limit speeds to under 30 km/h

    The short C'etait un Rendezvous might be one of the greatest automotive-related films ever for its ability to capture the excitement of driving at high speeds through Paris in the early morning. However, that movie is increasingly becoming a relic of a lost time, as the City of Lights continues ...

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    Report: Deadmau5 gets driver's license suspended during 2014 Gumball Rally

    Canadian superstar DJ/producer Deadmau5 is currently en route to Ibiza, Spain which is not unusual, though his mode of transport is. Rather than a private jet, Deadmau5 is driving to the Spanish EDM party island in the annual Gumball 3000. Or rather, was after being stopped by French authorities ...

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    Canada: Ontario group petitions to raise speed limit on 400-series highways to 130 km/h

    If only we had all of the money we spent on speeding tickets over the years locked in a savings account. Let's just say we'd be sitting on a fat, juicy nest egg. It seems archaic that the speed limit on the 400-series highways in Ontario is only 100 kilometres per hour, (62 mph) considering the ...

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    Featured: Most common excuses for speeding according to police

    With Toronto officially called out as the worst city in North America for speed traps, we gladly the brought you the best ways to avoid speeding tickets and even shared the best ways to talk your way out of a ticket. But when all else fails, what other excuses have you tried to use in order to ...