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    Report: Lamborghini Asterion could still see showrooms

    At the 2014 Paris Motor Show, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told Maxim after the introduction of the stunning Asterion hybrid, "I strongly believe that this is not a car that will be in production, and we will not do it." However, the Asterion concept came more than a year after Winklemann ...

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    Video: Everything you missed from the 2014 Paris Motor Show

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    Report: Lamborghini CEO says Urus headed to production [w/video]

    It's only a matter of time before Lamborghini is cleared to start producing the Urus sport utility vehicle, and, according to CEO Stephan Winkelmann, that time is expected to be soon, The Detroit News reports. "We're going low profile now," Winkelmann says. "I can't tell you much on details now, ...

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    Report: Fastest-ever Lamborghini may debut in Geneva

    Lamborghini is headed to next month's 2013 Geneva Motor Show with the brand's fastest car yet. The news comes courtesy of Filippo Perini, Lamborghini's design director, who reportedly dished that the brand will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a new low-volume hypercar. Perini made the ...

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    Report: Lamborghini to celebrate 50th Anniversary with new model

    Lamborghini is planning to roll out a new car for the brand's 50th anniversary. Automotive News Europe reports the Italian automaker will unveil a special one-off machine to commemorate the date next year. CEO Stephan Winkelmann has been tight-lipped about the vehicle, saying coyly, "It will not ...

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    Paris: Lamborghini developing Urus while still awaiting green light

    While much of the focus for Lamborghini at the Paris Motor Show was on its new strategy for the Gallardo line using styling cues to differentiate the rear-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive and Superleggeria models, the Italian automaker is continuing development of its Urus SUV, even though it has not ...

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    Geneva: Lamborghini Aventador J supercar conceived and built in six weeks

    This year's Geneva Motor Show served up a scintillating buffet of vehicles, but the Lamborghini Aventador J may very well have been our everyones favourite. With no roof, no windshield and all of the insane running gear of the standard Aventador, the roadster is the embodiment of exotic. But ...

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    Rumormill: Will there be a turbocharged Lamborghini?

    Fear not, Lamborghini fans. According to Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of the brand, the company's vehicles will remain naturally aspirated "for now." Winkelmann recently spoke with Autocar, and said that the Raging Bull will remain turbo-free for at least the remainder of the decade. ...

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    Report: Lamborghini CEO Winkelmann confirms new "everyday" model line

    The incorporation of Lamborghini into the Volkswagen Group has certainly done a lot for their drivability, but we wouldn't exactly call a Gallardo or Aventador an "everyday supercar." But according to reports quoting the company's affable chief executive, Stephen Winkelmann, Sant'Agata Bolognese ...