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street racing

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    Video: Meet the Kanjozoku, Osaka's infamous street racers

    Street racing is obviously illegal and incredibly dangerous, but that has never stopped people from doing it. While we don't hear nearly as much about the scourge of Japanese tuner cars as when The Fast and the Furious first hit theaters over a decade ago, illegal street racing is still bubbling ...

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    Video: Man throws rocks at $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador for 'street racing'

    Okay, while we certainly can't condone street racing, we also don't encourage any type of road raging vigilante justice like this rock throwing Lamborghini Aventador incident caught on camera on the streets of Playa Vista, California. We can only speculate on what caused this Lambo to be stoned, ...

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    Featured: 2014 Gumball 3000 Rally ready to party from Miami to Ibiza

    The 2014 Gumball 3000 runs from June 5-11 and it's set to be one of the most memorable yet, with this year's race route kicking off in sunny Miami, FL and concluding in the EDM party capitol of Ibiza, Spain. What makes this annual British-based 3,000-mile (4,800 km) international road rally so ...

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    Breaking: Toronto teen caught stunt driving Nissan GT-R at 240 km/h on highway 407

    A Toronto teen is in trouble after being caught stunt driving at 240 km/h in a black Nissan GT-R. The speeding driver (identified as 18-year-old Vince Lisi), is facing rather serious charges that include stunt driving, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and failure to surrender a driver's ...

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    Video: Havana Motor Club documentary revs up Cuban street racing scene

    From the 1959 Cuban Revolution until just recently, it was illegal to buy or sell cars in Cuba without government approval. There were also very few new cars brought into the country. At the same time, racing was also banned on the island nation because it was considered an elitist sport. Of ...

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    Report: Ferrari vs. Maserati street race in B.C. ends with both cars seized by police

    It seems some people never learn, especially those who get caught street racing in the supercar-seizing Province of British Columbia. After reporting on a previous story involving a Ferrari and Lamborghini being among $2 million dollars worth of supercars seized during a B.C. street race, this ...

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    Video: Vice chronicles Okinawa's illegal street racing scene

    We all know that street racing is dangerous, and that motorsports are best left on the track or drag strip. However, that doesn't mean that there still isn't some outlaw allure among enthusiasts of racing on public roads. In this video, Vice Japan profiles Eikichi Nagayoshi of Japan's island of ...

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    Video: Justin Bieber's DUI street racing video fueled by reckless Lambo driving past

    This sure isn't the first time Justin Bieber's been in trouble involving a Lamborghini or street racing car-tastrophe, as this morning's news of Bieber's arrest in Miami for drag racing and possible DUI in a rented Lamborghini Aventador comes as no surprise when you consider Bieber's reckless ...

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    Report: Paul Walker's Porsche speeding over 100 mph moments before deadly crash [w/video]

    The Porsche Carrera GT involved in the November crash that killed Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and racer Roger Rodas was traveling at speeds above 100 mph (160 km/h) before Rodas lost control for "unknown reasons," according to a report from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office that has ...

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    Video: Supercar shootout on private runway is ultimate drag racing playground

    It's not very often that we're treated to a racing video featuring Nissan GT-Rs taking on a slew of Porsches, Lamborghini Gallardos, Ferrari F12s, AMG Mercedes-Benzs, and even Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycles on a private runway that's been temporarily turned into a drag racing playground! The crew ...