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stunt driving

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    Video: Vaughn Gittin Jr. proves the 2015 Ford Mustang is all smoke, no joke!

    Pro drifter and self-confessed "hoonigan" Vaughn Gittin Jr. is certainly no stranger when it comes to the Ford Mustang and getting things sideways. As the 2014 Formula Drift season wrapped up at Irwindale this weekend, Vaughn Gittin Jr. (along with his trusty Monster-clad Mustang drift car) ...

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    Video: 2015 BMW M4 gets initiated into the club

    It's easy to give BMW a hard time these days with its move into practically every automotive segment that exists and plans to add more front-wheel drive models to the brand in the future. However, the pursuit towards perfection that underscored its old Ultimate Driving Machine motto is still in ...

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    Video: World's greatest Corvette rally car goes like stink, looks like fun

    In general, most Corvette owners aren't exactly known for getting their cars down and dirty outside of commonly being spotted at track days and drag strips all over North America. But the hard-driving owner featured in the video below clearly prefers to trash and bash their Chevy over polishing ...

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    Video: Here's how the Dukes of Hazzard shop for a new car

    The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard is an automotive icon that can never be replaced, as the high-flying, haystack-leaping, cop-fleeing muscle car is the stuff stunt driving dreams are made of. Yet that sure didn't stop the good folks at Autotrader from finding a way to target our inner-Dukes ...

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    Video: The British require more of these stunt driving delivery vans

    In the United Kingdom, work vans are big business. They're such a big deal that an entire sub-culture surrounds their drivers, known as white van men. White van men tend to look at their vans the same way that die-hard North American pickup owners look at their trucks – as tough, ...

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    Video: 2015 Mini Cooper S does best gymkhana stunt video impersonation

    Mini Malaysia wants you - at least those of you in Southeast Asia - to know that the new Mini has a riptide of adrenaline and sharp teeth underneath its larger, more ergonomically efficient exterior. To make the point it enlisted the aid of Putrajaya roads, local agency Saatchi & Saatchi ...

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    Video: INTERVIEW: Aaron Paul talks cars and stunt driving in 'Need for Speed'

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    Video: World's most insane parallel parking job

    Parallel parking isn't easy an easy task, as it can often pose a problem to many motorists (as seen in our previous video showing the best parking fails of all time)... That is, unless you're this crazy driver spotted stunt-parking on the wild streets of Moscow. The insane and unsafe high speed ...

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    Video: Behind-the-scenes: Meet the cars and cast of the new Need For Speed movie

    Last week we caught up with Need For Speed star Aaron Paul behind-the-scenes at stunt driving school, but this week we're exploring the most important part of this action film (at least to us anyways)... the cars! And, in case you were wondering, Need for Speed isn't all about exotic cars you'll ...

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    Video: Need For Speed star Aaron Paul goes to stunt driving school

    We've already shared a sneak peek at Dreamworks' Need for Speed movie and the Ford Mustang hero car featured in the film, but this new video goes behind the scenes with Aaron Paul learning a few new tricks at Need for Speed's stunt driving school. It won't be long until we get to watch the Need ...