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stunt driving

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    Video: INTERVIEW: Aaron Paul talks cars and stunt driving in 'Need for Speed'

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    Video: World's most insane parallel parking job

    Parallel parking isn't easy an easy task, as it can often pose a problem to many motorists (as seen in our previous video showing the best parking fails of all time)... That is, unless you're this crazy driver spotted stunt-parking on the wild streets of Moscow. The insane and unsafe high speed ...

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    Video: Behind-the-scenes: Meet the cars and cast of the new Need For Speed movie

    Last week we caught up with Need For Speed star Aaron Paul behind-the-scenes at stunt driving school, but this week we're exploring the most important part of this action film (at least to us anyways)... the cars! And, in case you were wondering, Need for Speed isn't all about exotic cars you'll ...

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    Video: Need For Speed star Aaron Paul goes to stunt driving school

    We've already shared a sneak peek at Dreamworks' Need for Speed movie and the Ford Mustang hero car featured in the film, but this new video goes behind the scenes with Aaron Paul learning a few new tricks at Need for Speed's stunt driving school. It won't be long until we get to watch the Need ...

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    Video: Justin Bieber's DUI street racing video fueled by reckless Lambo driving past

    This sure isn't the first time Justin Bieber's been in trouble involving a Lamborghini or street racing car-tastrophe, as this morning's news of Bieber's arrest in Miami for drag racing and possible DUI in a rented Lamborghini Aventador comes as no surprise when you consider Bieber's reckless ...

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    Video: Forget the Grammy Awards, 50 Cent performs live C63 AMG burnouts instead

    While this weekend's 2014 Grammy Awards continues to fuel wild rumours, speculation and what us car guys consider "pretty lame" celebrity news, the only surprise performance we're excited to watch involves rapper 50 Cent taking to Instagram to challenge people with his driving skills (or lack ...

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    Report: Paul Walker's Porsche speeding over 100 mph moments before deadly crash [w/video]

    The Porsche Carrera GT involved in the November crash that killed Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and racer Roger Rodas was traveling at speeds above 100 mph (160 km/h) before Rodas lost control for "unknown reasons," according to a report from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office that has ...

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    Video: The most amazing stunt driving videos of the year

    As 2013 draws to an end, we'd like to thank all the readers out there for making this year an awesome year in the Autoblog Canada world. We're proud to have been able to bring you the best news from the automotive world. From in-depth reviews, autoshow coverage, breaking news, viral videos, all ...

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    Video: 2015 Subaru WRX gets down and dirty

    Looks rarely tell the whole story. We'll admit to being a bit let down by the 2015 Subaru WRX and its rather conservative appearance - where were the gold wheels and the spoilers? Hatchback? World Rally Blue? But after seeing it in this video and hearing that signature, throaty growl while this ...

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    Report: Speeding Porsche driver caught at 233 km/h on 401 while allegedly drunk

    The speeding and allegedly drunk driver of a Porsche Cayenne caught doing 233 km/h just outside of Toronto wasn't nearly as lucky as the man in last week's video showing another speeding SUV driver who was let go in exchange for revving his engine. Police say several calls came in early hours of ...