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    Video: Forget the Grammy Awards, 50 Cent performs live C63 AMG burnouts instead

    While this weekend's 2014 Grammy Awards continues to fuel wild rumours, speculation and what us car guys consider "pretty lame" celebrity news, the only surprise performance we're excited to watch involves rapper 50 Cent taking to Instagram to challenge people with his driving skills (or lack ...

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    Video: The most shocking road rage videos of 2013

    As we continue to look back at some of the best and worst moments of 2013, our list just wouldn't be complete without rounding up and counting down the craziest and most shocking road rage videos of the year. From grown men caught childishly brawling in the streets of LA to a frightening ...

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    Video: 2015 Subaru WRX gets down and dirty

    Looks rarely tell the whole story. We'll admit to being a bit let down by the 2015 Subaru WRX and its rather conservative appearance - where were the gold wheels and the spoilers? Hatchback? World Rally Blue? But after seeing it in this video and hearing that signature, throaty growl while this ...

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    Video: Insane cyclist rides down wet mountain road at 80 km/h... backwards?!

    If you enjoyed our recent article on the world's craziest roads and most dangerous drives, you'll love this outrageous stunt video. As fans of twisty mountain roads, it looks like this Norwegian mountain road near Trollstigen would be an absolute blast. Eskil Ronningsbakken seems to agree, but ...

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    Video: Classic car stunts highlight hardcore 1930s hot-rod madness

    Today's big budget viral videos often star amazing feats performed by stunt driving professionals including Ken Block with his latest Gymkhana series, Travis Pastrana getting wild in a Global RallyCross Dodge Dart and Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck doing some driveway drifting in front of his ...

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    Video: Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme do the splits between two Volvo trucks moving backwards

    It must be fun working in the marketing department of Volvo Trucks these days. It seems any crazy thought conjured around a conference room table can be turned into a stunt using tightrope walkers, bull runners or hamsters. Risking the life of their own president is even within the bounds of ...

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    Video: Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in new stunt for Volvo Trucks

    Forget tightrope walkers, bull runners, driving hamsters and death-defying executives. Here comes Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD). Known for his martial arts skills, which usually lead to him doing the splits in movies, JCVD will perform "Epic Splits" in an upcoming stunt for Volvo Trucks. For now, ...

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    Video: Bizarre biker stunt at pool party in Brazil makes macho rainbow

    If watching our top 10 most epic motorcycle fails has taught us anything, it's that motorcycle stunts can often cause injury and rarely go right. But much like the dangerous bikini-clad stunt girl video, it looks like these pool partying bikers in Brazil are throwing all caution to the wind in ...

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    Video: Watch Ken Block present Gymkhana SIX: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course

    After watching last week's teaser trailer and this hilarious "Ken Box" gymkhnana parody, there's been no shortage of hype surrounding the release of Gymkhana SIX: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course. We're glad to see Ken Block back in action, as the original hoonigan himself returns to star in his ...

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    Video: Bikini girl biker does dangerous yoga stunt on moving motorcycle

    Stunt riding on a motorcycle takes some serious courage, skill and lots of luck, as we've already seen a foolish motorcycle stunt cause a huge crash and road rash, a family of five wipe out doing a high speed wheelie together, and listed the top 10 most epic motorcycle fails. But none of those ...