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    Video: Watch this motocross rider jump a biplane at the 2014 Cameron Air Show

    Evel Knievel transformed the motorcycle jump into the undisputed king of vehicular stunts. It's just so insanely dangerous. There's practically nothing keeping the rider safe, other than their ability to land the bike on the other side, of course. While we've seen some spectacular jumps, the ...

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    Video: Tony Hawk stunt jumps over a moving Mini

    Remember a couple of years ago when Tony Hawk jumped over a bright yellow Lexus LFA on his skateboard? Well that was nothing compared to what he's done here! Sure the LFA is a more impressive car than leaping a Mini hatchback, but that Japanese supercar was sitting still when the world's most ...

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    Video: INTERVIEW: Aaron Paul talks cars and stunt driving in 'Need for Speed'

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    Video: Behind-the-scenes: Meet the cars and cast of the new Need For Speed movie

    Last week we caught up with Need For Speed star Aaron Paul behind-the-scenes at stunt driving school, but this week we're exploring the most important part of this action film (at least to us anyways)... the cars! And, in case you were wondering, Need for Speed isn't all about exotic cars you'll ...

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    Video: Need For Speed star Aaron Paul goes to stunt driving school

    We've already shared a sneak peek at Dreamworks' Need for Speed movie and the Ford Mustang hero car featured in the film, but this new video goes behind the scenes with Aaron Paul learning a few new tricks at Need for Speed's stunt driving school. It won't be long until we get to watch the Need ...

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    Video: Forget the Grammy Awards, 50 Cent performs live C63 AMG burnouts instead

    While this weekend's 2014 Grammy Awards continues to fuel wild rumours, speculation and what us car guys consider "pretty lame" celebrity news, the only surprise performance we're excited to watch involves rapper 50 Cent taking to Instagram to challenge people with his driving skills (or lack ...

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    Featured: Top 50 best and worst car commercials

    Our list of the world's best and worst car commercials really has it all, from star studded celebrity appearances and big budget Hollywood stunts to strange moments like the most amazing and creepy transmission shop ad ever made and these rapping grandmas out for a drive. Get ready to watch our ...

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    Video: Watch some of the stunts being performed for upcoming Need For Speed movie

    Lubricant company Royal Purple has started a video series called Outperformer, its latest episode looking at stunt coordinator Lance Gilbert working on the coming film Need for Speed. Gilbert is a third-generation stunt man with a family lineage going all the way back to Mickey Gilbert in Ben ...

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    Video: Classic car stunts highlight hardcore 1930s hot-rod madness

    Today's big budget viral videos often star amazing feats performed by stunt driving professionals including Ken Block with his latest Gymkhana series, Travis Pastrana getting wild in a Global RallyCross Dodge Dart and Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck doing some driveway drifting in front of his ...

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    Video: Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme do the splits between two Volvo trucks moving backwards

    It must be fun working in the marketing department of Volvo Trucks these days. It seems any crazy thought conjured around a conference room table can be turned into a stunt using tightrope walkers, bull runners or hamsters. Risking the life of their own president is even within the bounds of ...