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    Video: Fulfilling the Dream of Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump

    Even today, Evel Knievel stands as the epitome of a daredevil. He might not have always been successful in his motorcycle jumps, but his boundless charisma and perseverance kept people watching. One of his most audacious attempted stunts came in 1974 when he tried to clear Idaho's Snake River ...

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    Video: Best Stunt Driving Videos of the Year

    Stunt driving is an art and these hand-picked videos below represent several of our favourite tire-smoking videos of the year. From Ken Block's highly anticipated Gymkhana 7 stunt video that featured the 'Hoonicorn" Mustang to a number of insane world record setting stunts and some incredible ...

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    Video: Watch motorcycle stunt rider perform high speed yoga

    Okay, so he may not attact the same attention as this bikini girl biker doing dangerous yoga stunts on moving motorcycle, but forty-year-old Gugulotu Lachiram is a farmer by trade, a yoga practitioner and motorcycle rider by choice. Not yet having worked out how to ride while farming, Lachiram ...

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    Video: "Innovative" dad creates dangerously impressive motocross swing

    You can make a swing out of just about anything: chain, rope, a plank of wood, even an old tire. But what if that tire is still attached to a motorized vehicle? That's the question one enthusiastic father set out to answer when he hooked up a dirtbike to a rope and up to a tree in Burrillville, ...

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    Video: What's it like to wakeboard behind a Ferrari F50? Glad you asked

    Peons. Peasants. Plebians. You think the videos that show you water skiing or wakeboarding behind pickup trucks are cool? They aren't. Wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50, though, is most assuredly awesome. Those over-wealthy Einsteins at YouTube channel Tax The Rich have released their latest ...

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    Report: Team set to recreate Evel Knievel's failed Snake River Canyon jump attempt

    Evel Knievel may have been the greatest daredevil ever, at least in the popular imagination, and in his prime, there were toys, comics and even movies about him. Some jumps eluded success even for Knievel, though. With the 40th anniversary of the legend's failed launch across the Snake River ...

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    Video: Mystery movie stunt shoot goes awry in a big hurry

    Stunt choreography is a business that really needs to be done properly. A failure in any one area has the potential to not just ruin the stunt and waste a film or TV show's budget, but could lead to a member of the cast or crew getting seriously hurt (or even killed). We won't spoil what happens ...

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    Video: Watch this motocross rider jump a biplane at the 2014 Cameron Air Show

    Evel Knievel transformed the motorcycle jump into the undisputed king of vehicular stunts. It's just so insanely dangerous. There's practically nothing keeping the rider safe, other than their ability to land the bike on the other side, of course. While we've seen some spectacular jumps, the ...

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    Video: Tony Hawk stunt jumps over a moving Mini

    Remember a couple of years ago when Tony Hawk jumped over a bright yellow Lexus LFA on his skateboard? Well that was nothing compared to what he's done here! Sure the LFA is a more impressive car than leaping a Mini hatchback, but that Japanese supercar was sitting still when the world's most ...

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    Video: INTERVIEW: Aaron Paul talks cars and stunt driving in 'Need for Speed'

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